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Sermon Podcasts

Missed last week’s sermon? Don’t fret. Every message is pre-recorded and available to listen to online:

Date Topic Speaker Soundbyte Download
18th June What Does Faith Look Like? Rev Daniel Tan
11th June Empowered & Filled with God’s Goodness Eld Bruce Lockhart
4th June The Divine Mystery in Christ Eld Bruce Lockhart
28th May What is your view of God? Rev Oh Boon Leong
21st May Reconciled by Christ Rev Daniel Chua
14th May Living Out Our Calling: Being, Doing, Blessings Ms Seah Jiak Choo
7th May Raised with Christ Rev Peter Teo
30th Apr “So that You May Know Him Better” Rev Daniel Chua
23rd Apr 6 Amazing Things God Says About You Rev Oh Boon Leong
9th Apr A Different Kind of King! Rev Oh Boon Leong
2nd Apr Walking Into The Desert With Jesus Rev Jabez Chia
26th Mar Ruth Sermon Series: God’s Redemption in Victory Rev Peter Teo
19th Mar Ruth Sermon Series: God’s Blessing to the Righteous Rev Asst Marianne Wong
12th Mar Ruth Sermon Series: God’s Grace to the Humbled Rev Oh Boon Leong
5th Mar Ruth Sermon Series: God’s Providence in Suffering Rev Daniel Chua
26th Feb Jubilee Sermon Series – Proclaimation Rev Peter Teo
19th Feb Jubilee Sermon Series – Justice Dr Lai Pak Wah
12th Feb Jubilee Sermon Series – Healing Rev Oh Boon Leong
5th Feb Jubilee Sermon Series – Forgiveness Rev Daniel Chua
29th Jan Total Commitment to God Rev Lim Kheng Hai
22nd Jan Jubilee Sermon Series – Freedom Rev Oh Boon Leong
15th Jan Jubilee and Redemption Rev Daniel Chua
8th Jan Jubilee Sermon Series – Sabbath Rev Lim Kheng Hai
1st Jan Blessings & Happiness in 2017 Rev Oh Boon Leong


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