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Virtual Annual Congregational Meeting 2021

Notice is hereby given that the 2021 Annual Congregational Meeting (ACM) of Mount Carmel Bible Presbyterian Church will be held by way of a ZOOM meeting on Friday, 1 January 2021 at 10am (Singapore time).

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Senior Pastor’s address and budget presentations:

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Your Questions

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1) What would be the way ahead for the church plant?

Answer: (a) For a more detailed update, please read the editorial in The Carmel Weekly dated 29 Nov 2020.

(b) Our Mandate for Church Planting is voted upon at Boards of Elders, Session and Congregational Levels. We understood that it may take several attempts before we win a bid for a land.

(c) Our Mandate for Church Planting calls for several different models such as bidding for a land or buying an industrial property.

(d) In view of the pandemic, we recognize that digitalization can be an alternative form of outreach or church plant. This issue will be discussed at BOE, Session and Congregation.

(e) The pandemic has also caused HDB to delay the release of lands for bidding. This will give us time to discuss and decide. Whatever final model we adopt, it will be a decision the whole church will have to vote on.

(f) Meanwhile, as the Mandate is still alive and valid, we encourage Carmelites who have made their pledges to consider giving now as the LORD enables. This will build up our reserves so that we will be ready to bid on a short notice when HDB releases land for churches.

(g) For those who wish to withdraw their loans or revise their pledges, they may do so by writing to

1) Would mobilizing the church to do outreach or serving digitally be an alternative to church plant, towards discipling of members? Various teams are probably needed to produce resources for outreach such as Alpha, leadership workshops, evangelism etc, and serving such as Sunday School and DCG online resources. Licences for software and equipment, as well as training will be needed. To support our mission partners, may be resources in their languages could be produced.

Answer: For the rest of 2020, we assess that the online and physical church will co-exist, even in Phase 3. Online services will be complemented with physical gatherings at church for specific purposes, within the permitted guidelines. Care groups ought to continue decentralised fellowship and prayer, while ministries that do outreach should continue as best as they can. We are also exploring new initiatives to serve local and vulnerable communities, as the Lord presents the opportunities. We invite you to pray for the church and the leaders as they discern the Lord's will and leading on this matter.

1) How is the church going to align everyone of us with God's words and plans as His Host to His community? To be the fishermen of Christ? Is the church going to plan a church wide exercise that will involve every single person of us?

2) What are Carmel's plans in sharing the gospel and reaching out to the lost, and how does Carmel reach out to our members who are not worshipping regularly?

Answer: On the individual level, evangelism is happening in our own families and in our work place, through relationships built over time and personal testimonies shared to point them to Christ. These should continue to take place wherever we are and it is every individual Christian’s responsibility. To help you, the church puts together a set of Christmas videos for Carmelites to share the good tidings of Jesus to friends and loved ones.

Also in our different groups, such as our CGs, we can reach out to the lost. One CG has organised outreach programmes to reach out to each other’s parents and share with them the love of God through phone calls, paying visits and sharing food. As a church-wide initiative, I believe that God’s direction for our church evangelism effort for the coming year is to “build bridges and break down walls” with the people in the community. The pandemic has provided us the opportunity and the impetus to reach out in love to needy families in our community. The church has responded with the Community Relief Fund and the volunteers and we have been reaching out in the 2nd half of 2020 and will continue to do so in 2021. We need to “build bridges” with the community for them to know us and know God through us. This personal approach in evangelism is about filling ourselves with God’s love and bringing this love to the families in community. This initiative is for the whole church. All are invited.

In addition, church will plan an online Alpha course in 2021. This is an opportunity for you to invite your friends to hear the good news of Jesus Christ and what it means to be a Christian.

With respect to the second part of the question, the church leaders have been keep a watch out for those who may not have been attending the on-line or the in-person worship regularly (through the AE). We have contacted them personally to get in touch with them and to understand the challenges they may be facing.

The church is a place for all and we welcome everyone. If you know of someone who is lost and need some help, please let us know. The question I hope each member would ask is – “How does Jesus want me to pray/reach an unsaved or care for someone?”

Ps Thomas Lim

1) Are we ready for spiritual renewal?

Answer: Yes! In essence, this is church renewal. Discipleship, however, is not about attending a course, going to a conference, being part of a CG, listening to a sermon, or even starting a new initiative, or reaching out to our community (all of which are good and helpful). Discipleship is about abiding in Christ, listening and obeying His voice, and walking in the Spirit. Which means discipleship has to be consistent, systematic and intentional, practicing daily the spiritual disciplines. Discipleship is NOT a program but life change, And it will ONLY happen when there are models and mentors. They walk the talk and exemplify what a disciple "looks" like! So in 2021, about 40 leaders, including pastors, Session members and some non-Session members and spouses will be part of a mentoring process, where they will renew their spiritual and walk with the Lord. When they begin to model discipleship in their homes, CG, church and workplaces, they can then begin to mentor another (like what Jesus and Paul did). It is very tempting to start another discipleship course or a "program,' hype it up and aim for a quick fix. But this will fail. So in 2021, we will focus on leadership renewal, and in 2022, we will roll out to the church, the Lord willing, when there are models & mentors (who themselves have been discipled & mentored) who will then disciple other leaders, CGs, and family members. The whole process of church renewal/discipleship will take at least 5-7 years, if we are intentional about it. I urge every member to pray for the Lord to renew and refresh us, first with our leaders & shepherds.

2) Are we ready for spiritual renewal?

Answer: The renewal of Carmel begins with the renewal of leaders. It cannot happen by mere programming & conducting courses but by modeling, mentoring & multiplying, i.e. lives touching lives. Pastors & Session leaders must first be committed to a personal renewal & discipleship by abiding continually in Christ and growing in their Christian character, by engaging regularly & systematically the spiritual practices of prayer, devotional reading, confession & repentance, hearing and discerning the voice of the Lord. To date, every pastoral staff and 18 Session members and some key ministry leaders will be committed to a weekly mentoring session (for much of 2021). This will be facilitated by Ps Boon Leong, Ps Liang Wei (for the brothers), Cynthia Wee & Lee Luang (for the sisters). These 4 facilitators have been mentored on CR journey since Apr 2020 by staff of Church Renewal Canada. After a year of mentoring & discipleship, some of these leaders will then go on to disciple other leaders (e.g. CG leaders) & members by coaching, modeling and setting godly examples, using the same principles. It is estimated that at least 5-7 years will be needed for the whole church to be discipled. We would appreciate members committing to pray for the leaders regularly as we seek the Lord and learn and grow in renewal in 2021

1) There’s an item in the budget that looks like an error “#div!”. Is this meant to be?

Answer: Yes. This is a calculation result of a division by a denominator that is zero. In this case, the denominator is an estimated actual value in the prior year that is zero.

2) What was the special honorarium used for?

Answer: The special honorarium was to support workers who are known to Carmelites. However, it is not appropriate to publicize their names.

Zoom Details

Topic: Mt Carmel BP Church ACM 2021
Date: 1 January 2021
Time: 10.00AM, Singapore

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Meeting ID: 896 7160 2547
Password: acm2021

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2) We will begin promptly at 10am.

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Meeting Agenda

1.              Determination of quorum
2.              Scripture reading and prayer
3.              Adoption of minutes of Annual General Meeting on 26 July 2020 
4.              Passing of 2020 Annual Report
5.              Re-election of Session Members
6.              Re-appointment of Auditors
7.              Senior Pastor’s Address: Mt Carmel in 2021 (Ps Boon Leong)
8.              Community Outreach 2021 (Ps Thomas)
9.              Digital Transformation Journey (Eld Albunus)
10.           Presentation and Passing of 2021 Annual Budget (Dn Fook Lum)
11.           Any other business
12.           Closing Prayer.

ACM Documents

1) Profiles of Session Leaders standing for re-election

2) 2021 Annual Budget

3) 2020 Annual Report

4) 2020 Annual General Meeting Minutes

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