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Virtual Annual General Meeting 2020

Notice is hereby given that the 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Mount Carmel Bible Presbyterian Church will be held by way of a ZOOM meeting on Sunday, 26 July 2020 at 10.30am (Singapore time). 

Thank you for casting your votes. The registration and voting form is officially closed as of 23 July, 11.59pm.

Your Questions Answered

Thank you for submitting your questions. The answers will be uploaded here in batches when they are ready. The questions have been grouped according to their topics. Click on the respective boxes below to reveal the questions and answers.

1) Please elaborate on the the way forward with regard to the CP effort, and any lessons learnt.

2) Will the leaders be sharing if building a physical church building is still being considered? What are the plans, if so, or otherwise? Thank you!

3) Are there other cheaper alternatives for church plant? Rather than buying a big plot of land, would it be possible to build up on a small plot of land instead?

4) Since we can't proceed to start a church plant soon/ at Bukit Batok, shall we consider channelling more funds towards local missions through social justice/community development ministries?

5) Can we consider investing towards our current existing operations set up while pressing on towards loving God & love others? That means love people use things. Things support the people, the ministry and be used thereby for the furtherance in spreading the Gospel.

6) What's next after the Bukit Batok tender?

Answer: At this stage, the church leadership is still seeking and discerning the Lord’s direction. We will share and discuss with church members at some point. To start with, we recently engaged a group of Carmelites across different ages to reflect how Mt Carmel might be an effective church given the Covid-19 situation, and Senior Pastor Boon Leong will be leading the Session in the discernment of next steps after his sabbatical.

In terms of lessons, we are learning to yield and submit to the Lord’s will and to be patient. We are also learning to be open about what it means to build the Lord’s kingdom. The Lord has permitted Covid-19 to happen in the midst of the bid and caused us to pause and reflect how He might want us to build communities and spread the gospel. Hence, at this point, we do not even know if Mt Carmel will still go for the buy-and-build strategy and are open to consider other options, including channelling our resources and efforts to existing ministries, local missions/outreach and social/community work.

1) Since we do not know when the next church plant is, can we withdraw the money that we have pledged or loaned for the time being and resubmit the next time when Carmel has a site they want to bid for again? And how would we go about doing this?

2) Will there be a review of the members’ pledges, in view of the looming economic recession due to the virus pandemic?

3) What happens to the money we raised/contributed for the church plant now that we did not win the bid?

4) Now that there is no church plant, how will the budget set aside for church plant be used now?

5) What is Carmel going to do with the CP fund received?

6) Is there an expiry date for church planting pledges?

Answer: The mission to further God’s kingdom continues, but the modality may change. The Church Plant Fund will therefore be maintained to fulfill the mission, as the Lord directs.

For those who have made pledges and loans, we encourage you to abide by your pledges/ loans. In the event that you wish to make an adjustment, please let us know in writing (by email via, or by post to the Church Office 152 west Coast Road, Singapore 127370) and address the notification to the Church Plant Team.

For those who have made cash gifts/ donations, we are thankful for your commitment and will continue to hold the money in the Church Plant Fund. We are still discerning the Lord’s will and are open to new modalities. We will come back to church members on the future plans to use these funds.

Even though we did not succeed in the recent bid, the mission in whatever modality it eventually takes in future will still require resources. Therefore, we encourage members to continue to pledge and give in faith.

1) What is the plan for the rest of 2020?

Answer: For the rest of 2020, we assess that the online and physical church will co-exist, even in Phase 3. Online services will be complemented with physical gatherings at church for specific purposes, within the permitted guidelines. Care groups ought to continue decentralised fellowship and prayer, while ministries that do outreach should continue as best as they can. We are also exploring new initiatives to serve local and vulnerable communities, as the Lord presents the opportunities.

1) Is Carmel considering to hire more full time staff to support church growth works? I.e. Media & Comms staff, Local missions staff.

Answer: Yes, Carmel is open to hiring more staff with the necessary skills and potential. There are also staff renewal and succession planning considerations, when we hire.

1) Is Carmel going to try and support members who lost their job with support funds during covid 19?

Answer: There is no designated scheme for this purpose. Nonetheless, the church has found ways to support members in financial difficulty, whether due to job loss or otherwise. This is something already done pre-Covid, and we still stand ready to support members who, due to Covid, find themselves in need of financial help. They can approach pastoral staff, elders or session leaders for help.

1) Since it is 'Restricted', is there any difference in terms of the approving personnel for Restricted Funds?

Answer: The process of approving the disbursement of “Restricted” funds is by the respective authorised ministry heads, which is the same process as that for normal unrestricted funds, except that “Restricted” funds can only be disbursed strictly for the purpose which the funds are earmarked for, in compliance with the requirements set out by the Commissioner of Charities.

Zoom Details

Topic: Mt Carmel BP Church AGM 2020
Date: 26 July 2020
Time: 10.30AM, Singapore

Click to join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 785 7690 7594
Password: agm20

1) Attend worship service at 9am on 26 July. 
2) Log in immediately after worship service.
3) We will begin promptly at 10.30am.

Zoom guide:

Read the following documents before voting

1) Profiles of Deacons Standing for Election or Re-Election

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2) 2020 Annual Congregational Meeting Minutes

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Addendum to the Minutes of the 2020 Annual Congregational Meeting (ACM)  

During the January 2020 ACM meeting, in response to a query from Lee Lay Hwa about formal support for Rev Toh See Kiat and Dorothy and their mission work in Canada, Deacon Foo Kim Peng gave a response which included some inaccurate information. The Church leadership would like to rectify and clarify the following points about their ministry. First, it is their practice to follow Hudson Taylor’s example by never asking directly for support for themselves, although they do solicit support for coworkers and ministry expenses. Second, Carmel does not offer regular support to Rev See Kiat and Dorothy because they are outside the “seven-hour flying time” limit set for Carmel-supported missionaries. Third, Carmel does, however, encourage Carmelites to support their ministry and has given some financial support from the General Fund on an ad hoc basis. Fourth, Rev Toh See Kiat and Dorothy are fully self-supporting and not formally working for any organization. The church leaders sincerely apologize to Rev See Kiat and Dorothy for the incorrect information and wholeheartedly affirm them in their continued ministry in Canada.

Rev. Peter Teo
Chairman of the Missions Board

3) 2019 Directors’ Report and Audited Accounts

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