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Devotionals on the Book of Haggai

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The Book of Haggai is one of the shortest in the Old Testament. While worldly comparison simply makes us compare what we have versus what others possess, which drives us to envy, godly comparison tunes our hearts towards God by looking at the way we devote our attention to our own pleasures versus our attention to the voice of God.

Haggai helps us to understand our responsibilities and examine our attitudes. During COVID, one of the questions we may have is “should we go out and do ministry or attend church?”. We need to ask ourselves: what drives our decision-making? Is it fear or is it a prayerful responsible posture that steers away from self-indulgence?

This is a season to be prayerful and cultivate precision as the Lord leads. It is a season to curate and trim our lives for greater satisfaction in the Lord. Go deep with God.

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