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Everyone Matters – Nehemiah 3

1. Nehemiah notes interesting facts about those who built the wall. Skim through the chapter and record the names & details about these builders. Why do you think the Spirit prompted him to include these details? What can we learn about God from this list?

2. Not everyone is eager to participate in the rebuilding of the wall (3:5). What do you think is their motive for not participating?

3. Nehemiah employs workers from all walks of life. Have you ever been tempted to avoid a necessary but unpleasant ministry with an excuse, “That’s not really my area of interest and gifting”? Is such an excuse valid?

4. The life of a believer is the life of a builder. What building project does Jesus describe in Matthew 7:24-27? What is the foundation? What kind of a builder are you?

5. Nehemiah gives great attention to the contribution of specific people. What does this say about God’s faithfulness and recognition of our labor? How does this motivate us in building God’s kingdom?

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