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Sermon Podcasts

Missed last week’s sermon? Don’t fret. Every message is pre-recorded and available to listen to online:
Date Topic Speaker Soundbyte Download
29 Mar God’s Kingdom: More Than Meets the Eye Rev Jabez Chia
22 Mar LISTEN! Rev Oh Boon Leong
15 Mar Obstacles & Challenges Disciples Face Mark Rev Peter Teo
8 Mar The Inner Ring of Jesus Rev Oh Boon Leong
1 Mar Jesus Challenges Our Religion Ps Gabriel Chia
23 Feb The need For A Doctor Rev Oh Boon Leong
16 Feb Forgiveness & Healing of the Paralytic Rev Daniel Chua
9 Feb The Cleansing of a Leper Rev Peter Teo
2 Feb An Unlikely Role Model of Discipleship Rev Oh Boon Leong
26 Jan Chinese New Year and The Passover Rev Lim Kheng Hai
19 Jan The Authority of Jesus Rev Daniel Chua
12 Jan Leaving the Nets, Following Jesus Rev Oh Boon Leong
5 Jan Torn Open Rev Oh Boon Leong
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