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2015 Sermons

Sermons from 2015
27th Dec Remember God’s Goodness Rev Daniel Chua
20th Dec God With Us Rev Oh Boon Leong
13th Dec Advent Series: Zechariah Dr Lai Pak Wah
6th Dec Nehemiah: Finishing Well Rev Lim Kheng Hai
29th Nov Nehemiah: “Hear Us O God, For We Are Despised.” Rev Daniel Chua
22nd Nov Nehemiah: Everyone Matters Rev Oh Boon Leong
15th Nov Nehemiah: The Gracious Hand of My God was Upon Me Rev Daniel Chua
8th Nov Nehemiah: Rebuilding God’s People for God’s Purpose; Nehemiah: The Man for the Hour Rev Peter Teo
1st Nov Jesus & The Miraculous catch of fish Rev Bob MacEwen
25th Oct Reformation Sunday Rev Peter Teo
18th Oct Jesus Walking on Water Eld Bruce Lockhart
11th Oct Faith & Healing Rev Lim Kheng Hai
4th Oct Healing of Bartimaeus Rev Oh Boon Leong
27th Sept Cleansing of the Lepers Rev Daniel Chua
20th Sept The Raising of Lazarus Rev Oh Boon Leong
13th Sept Healing of a Demon Possessed Man Rev Oh Boon Leong
6th Sept Healing of a Paralytic Rev Oh Boon Leong
27th Aug Never Too Small Mr Peter Chao
23rd Aug Never Too Far Mr Peter Chao
16 Aug Returning to the Garden Ps Benjamin Lee
9 Aug Families Under Attack Mr Jason Wong
2 Aug Only Believe! Rev Oh Boon Leong
26 July Mt Carmel as Light for the Nations Rev Peter Teo
19 July Blessed to be a Blessing Mr Laval Yau
12 July Do This More and More Rev Jabez Chia
5 July Healing of a man born blind Rev Lim Kheng Hai
28 June Healing at the Pool Rev Daniel Chua
21 June Water to Wine Rev Oh Boon Leong
14 June Healings and Miracles of Jesus: Meaning & Purpose Rev Oh Boon Leong
7 June For it is a Jubilee and is to be Holy Rev Toh See Kiat
31 May In God’s Appointed Time Rev Daniel Chua
24 May The Church – Gathered for Worship Rev Tan Soo Inn
17 May The Church – Structured for Growth Rev Tan Soo Inn
10 May How to Ace the Test of Faith Rev Oh Boon Leong
3 May The Wicked Tenants Rev Daniel Chua
26 Apr Parables about Future: Sheep and Goats Rev Oh Boon Leong
19 Apr [email protected]: Our Shared Beliefs – Part2 Rev Peter Teo
12 Apr Parables about Future: Talents & Minas Rev Daniel Chua
4 Apr Darkest Hour, Brightest Dawn Rev Daniel Chua
22 Mar The Pharisee and The Tax Collector Rev Lim Kheng Hai
15 Mar The Persistent Widow & the Unjust Judge Eld Bruce Lockhart
8 Mar Parables about God & Prayer: Friend at Midnight Rev Oh Boon Leong
1 Mar [email protected]: Perils & Rewards of Service Rev Oh Boon Leong
22 Feb Rich Man & Lazarus Rev Daniel Chua
15 Feb Parables about Money: A Wise Steward Rev Oh Boon Leong
08 Feb Being Stewards of God’s Riches Dr Lai Pak Wah
01 Feb The Good Samaritan Rev Daniel Chua
25 Jan Parables of Discipleship: Two Builders Rev Lim Kheng Hai
18 Jan The Barren Fig Tree Rev Daniel Chua
11 Jan We Were Made to Persuade! Mr Alex McLellan
04 Jan Two Lost Songs Rev Daniel Chua
Camp Notes 2015
Lesson 1 Divine Power for the Uphill Journey Pt 1
Lesson 2 The Church God’s New Creation
Lesson 3 Divine Power for the Uphill Journey Pt 2
Lesson 4 Building the Body of Christ
Workshop 1 Village Life City Lessons
Workshop 2 A Lukewarm Church

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