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2016 Sermons

Sermons from 2016
25th Dec What’s So Special About that Child? Rev Daniel Chua
18th Dec How Many Kings Rev Oh Boon Leong
11th Dec Lessons from The Mysterious Magi Rev Peter Teo
4th Dec Food, Feasting, and Kingdom? Mr Quek Tze Ming
27th Nov The Christian’s Responsibility in a Secular Society Rev Lim Kheng Hai
20th Nov The Blessed Hope Rev Daniel Chua
13th Nov God’s Plan for God’s Family Rev Oh Boon Leong
6th Nov Titus: A Man of Character & Commitment Rev Oh Boon Leong
30th Oct Treasuring the Reformation’s Legacy for Each of Us Eld Bruce Lockhart
23rd Oct Save Yourselves From This Corrupt Generation Rev Peter Teo
16th Oct Preaching to a Non Christian Audience Dr Tan Soo Inn
9th Oct The Danger of Spiritual Deflection Rev Oh Boon Leong
2nd Oct Makers of a Faithful Servant of Christ Rev Peter Teo
25th Sept The Worth & Work of the Word Rev Daniel Chua
18th Sept Signs of the Last Days Rev Oh Boon Leong
11th Sept Give Me This Mountain! Rev Toh See Kiat
4th Sept The Life God Approves and Blesses Rev Oh Boon Leong
28th Aug Marks of a Strong Spiritual Life Rev Daniel Chua
21st Aug Not Ashamed of Christ Rev Lim Kheng Hai
14th Aug Passing on the Legacy Rev Oh Boon Leong
7th Aug Contentment in an Age of Materialism Rev Oh Boon Leong
31st July I was made for more than this Dr Ian Mcloughlin
24th July Mission Fest : Mission Ps Deepakhal
17th July Church Discipline & Care of Widows Rev Daniel Chua
10th July Sharpened to be a Mark for Man Rev Jabez Chia
3rd July Portrait of a Godly Leader Rev Lim Kheng Hai
26th Jun Men, Women & Ministry in Church Rev Lim Kheng Hai
19th Jun A Family’s Saga of Travel, Tragedy and Turnaround Rev Peter Teo
12th Jun Praying for the Unsaved Rev Daniel Chua
5th June He Came For You Rev Jabez Chia
29th May Unless the Lord Builds The House Rev Oh Boon Leong
22nd May Sharing Across Cultures Eld Bruce Lockhart
15th May The Disciple’s Witness Rev Oh Boon Leong
8th May Becoming a Woman of God Lisa Grace MacEwen
1st May The Fruit Bearing Disciple Mr Tan Huai Tze
24th Apr Conforming to the World… or Not? Dr Lai Pak Wah
17th Apr A Race of Life Rev Oh Boon Leong
10th Apr The Cross of Christ Rev Rob MacEwen
3rd Apr “Who is the Disciple of Christ?” Rev Oh Boon Leong
24th Mar A Scientist – Theologian Looks at the Resurrection Body Rev Peter Teo
20th Mar Hosanna! Mr Quek Tze Ming
13th Mar Upper Room Discourse – No longer servants, but friends Mr Chong Ser Choon John
6th Mar Faithful To The End Rev Oh Boon Leong
28th Feb Finding Buried Treasures from Boring Lists of Names Rev Peter Teo
21st Feb Nehemiah: Covenant Relationship and Renewal Rev Daniel Chua
14th Feb Nehemiah: Public Confession of Sin: A Sure Sign of Revival Rev Daniel Chua
7th Feb “More, More, More” Chai Thanit
31st Jan Portrait of a Servant of Christ Jesus Rev Oh Boon Leong
24th Jan Nehemiah: Spiritual Revival @ Water Gate Rev Oh Boon Leong
17th Jan Nehemiah: When it Gets Personal Rev Lim Kheng Hai
10th Jan Nehemiah: Injustices that Destroy Community Rev Daniel Chua
3rd Jan 3 Things We Are Not To Lose In The New Year Rev Oh Boon Leong

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