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2019 Sermons

Sermons from 2019
29 Dec Worship That Costs Rev Wong Shin Hoe
22 Dec A Down-To-Earth Christmas Rev Yap Kim Sin
15 Dec What’s So Special About The Child? Rev Daniel Chua
8 Dec The End of the Age Rev Peter Teo
1 Dec Faithful To The Lord of Nations Dr Lai Pak Wah
24 Nov A Glimpse of Heaven Rev Daniel Chua
17 Nov Prayer & Word in Times of Crisis Rev Oh Boon Leong
10 Nov Back the Future Rev Peter Teo
3 Nov A Coming King Rev Daniel Chua
27 Oct The Ongoing Reformation Rev Lim Kheng Hai
20 Oct The Cost of Integrity Eld Bruce Lockhart
13 Oct The Hand That Rocks The Royal Cradle Rules The World Rev Jabez Chia
6 Oct Faith At Home Rev Dr Dev Menon
29 Sept Pride Before A Fall Rev Daniel Chua
22 Sept Building a Robust Faith Rev Oh Boon Leong
15 Sept God’s Future Rev Daniel Chua
8 Sept Daniel: A Man with Conviction Rev Oh Boon Leong
31 Aug What Does it Take to be a Winning Church Rev Oh Boon Leong
25 Aug Marriage Through the Empty Nest Rev Daniel Chua
18 Aug Marriage Through the Storms Rev Peter Teo
11 Aug Building Blocks of a Strong Marriage Rev Jabez Chia
4 Aug Stepping Out of the Boat and into the Mission Field Eld Bruce Lockhart
28 July Antioch: A Mission Minded Church Ps Fitz Garlitos
21 July Marriage: 3 Foundational Principles Rev Oh Boon Leong
14 July Youth Sunday: Making A Difference Rev Jabez Chia
7 July Dating: Who is Right for Me, Who is Left for Me Rev Jabez Chia
30 Jun Facing the Challenges of Singleness Eld Bruce Lockhart
23 Jun Living Our Lives to Their Fullest Potential For God Rev Peter Teo
16 Jun Lessons from the Life from Saul Eld Bruce Lockhart
9 Jun For the love of Christ Dr Lai Pak Wah
2 Jun Choosing Love Over Legalism Eld Bruce Lockhart
26 May Being An Intergeneration Church Rev Lim Kheng Hai
19 May As the Day Approaches Rev Oh Boon Leong
12 May The Christian and the State Eld Ho Peng Kee
5 May Agape Love Rev Oh Boon Leong
28 Apr Cultivating the Art of Christian Thinking Rev Oh Boon Leong
21 Apr Too Good to be True Rev Tan Soo Inn
14 Apr The King on a Donkey Rev Tan Soo Inn
7 Apr A Life of Doxology Rev Oh Boon Leong
31 Mar God’s Plan of Salvation Rev Peter Teo
24 Mar Romans: God’s Sovereign election and mercy Romans 9:1-33 Eld Bruce Lockhart
17 Mar A Healthy Church Member is a Prayer Warrior Rev Peter Teo
10 Mar A Healthy Church Member is a Humble Follower Rev Daniel Chua
3 Mar A Healthy Church Member is a Growing Disciple Matthew Rev Peter Teo
17 Feb A Healthy Church Member is an Authentic Friend Rev Oh Boon Leong
10 Feb A Healthy Church Member is a Gospel Witness Rev Daniel Chua
3 Feb A Healthy Church Member is Genuinely Converted Rev Jabez Chia
27 Jan A Healthy Church member is transformed by God’s Word Rev Daniel Chua
20 Jan A Healthy Church member is a good listener Rev Oh Boon Leong
13 Jan Marks of a Healthy Church Member: A Healthy Church member is a committed member Rev Oh Boon Leong
6 Jan Words of Wisdom to Live By for the New Year Rev Lim Kheng Hai

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