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ACM 2022 Q&A

I notice the prayer meeting attendance for the two combined prayer meetings is around 20-30. This seems low compared to our English congregation size of 1000. 1. Is there any trend in attendance numbers historically? Historically, attendance at our weekly church prayer meeting has ranged from 15-30 2. Should this number of 20-30 be of concern to us in Carmel (meaning of concern to everyone, not just the leaders?) We would love to have more people come to pray corporately each week. But like most churches in Singapore, where members tend to be busy and stretched, church prayer meeting attendance is generally on the low side. So, whilst always encouraging more Carmelites to come, we adopt an understanding approach. Other than praying as a church each Wed, the church leadership also encourages members to pray individually, as families, as care groups, as service committees, in the various fellowship groups etc. 3. What is the background of people attending? (EG mostly regulars, a handful of new people joining but not returning after trying once or twice, mostly women, etc.) About half of them come weekly (or almost weekly). Of the remaining half, half of them come regularly ie once a fortnight to once a month, the other half come occasionally. They are from all backgrounds, both mal and female. A slight majority are older ones who are not working full-time. 4. Why do the attendees have this kind of background? Younger, working adults probably find they are too stretched to attend PM regularly. 5. How can we make prayer meeting “better”? I assume “better” means more people attending and a more diverse background in the attendees, but am also keen to hear other interpretations of “better”. This question is also meant for lay Carmelites as I don’t assume that everything is only the session’s responsibility. The key is for Carmelites to realise the importance of prayer, esp corporate prayer. With online prayer meetings, it is very convenient now to pray together (7.45 - 9 pm; no need to commute etc). I believe our prayer meetings have a friendly tone so no one needs to be intimidatd by praying together. Some churches havce moved towards holding monthly, instead of weekly, prayer meerings. We have desisted from doing this, believing that mid-week coming together to pray to God as a church every week is important, regardless of the numbers attending.
Firstly, we would like to express our appreciation for your concern and questions about the Community Services. 1) May I ask how Mount Carmel is planning or has any plans to further support and better equipped the Ministry even stronger for God's plan and purpose (the sovereign will of God) engaging in both the community and the Mount Carmel members? The Community Services does not stand on its own; it is part of the discipleship framework of the Carmel Renewal (CR) as it serves as a platform for the expression of God's love for the community. The on-going CR both strengthens and equips our members to be abiding and growing in their relationship with the Lord. We would encourage all Carmelites to come to the "Hearing God Seminar" to learn how to listen and align our hearts to God and be excited about how God would like us as a church to discern and move forward to engage both the community and our own members. All these would further support and better equip all ministries not just the Community Service Ministry for the work that God has laid out before us. 2) What are the needs and resources and spiritual guidance/inspiration required to build and nurture and enable this Ministry and everyone else? We need volunteers who desire to experience God's presence and work in the lives of the people in the community and in the church. They would just need to put aside some time to commit 6 months or up to one year to visit and encourage someone from these community families. There are no special skills needed or any inspiration or guidance, just the willingness to show love and concern to them. We would provide some advice on how to deal with the sensitivities in dealing with people from different race and religion. The needs of the community would always be more than our resources. The church cannot and should not be the only one helping the community. We are just a part of a whole ecosystem. In order to help the community, we need to be willing to partner with other agencies or churches who are also helping these families and to work together in collaboration with them. 3) What are the challenges? The challenges with Community Services are the same as God's work & mission ... laborers are few, but the field is ripe for harvest. We have to pray and ask the Lord to send out laborers into the community. Thank you.

We welcome everyone for online & in-person worship services! No registration is needed starting 15 March 2022. Everyone’s well-being is important so if you are unwell, pls join us in the livestream worship service online at 9am. Stay safe & be well! Thank you for your cooperation!

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