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[email protected]: What Next, after pledge cards?

Dear members and friends,

[email protected]: WHAT NEXT, AFTER PLEDGE CARDS?

At our 47th Anniversary Service on 25 May, we officially endorsed [email protected] and invited members to fill in your pledge cards in support of this initiative. A total of 339 pledge cards have been received thus far, which is an encouraging start. We then grouped members according to the ten focus areas they expressed willingness to help, as follows:

Ten Focus Areas Volunteers

a. Serve as prayer warrior 99
b. Explore how to be ‘Spirit-formed to transform’ 46
c. Deepen passion for evangelism 50
d. Promote smoother transition between stages of life 46
e. Mentor our next generation for future leadership 40
f. Produce a pathway for discipleship (including CGs) 30
g. Develop holistic ministry to grow healthy families 48
h. Improve integration of newcomers 60
i. Enhance the quality of specific ministries 92
j. Plant a satellite church 17

While we are thankful to God for your willingness to help, we are also mindful that this is only a start. The real work now begins and we are counting on you to be a part of this process, thanks!
The next step is to invite you to meet in Action Groups (AG) to continue our conversation of [email protected] in shaping the future of our church. The following is our proposal as the way forward:

a. Each of the 10 focus areas will eventually form an AG (action group) led by a point person
b. If you’ve ticked any box in our pledge card, you’ll be invited to be part of the AG for that focus area when it meets.
c. Our purpose as AG is to bring together all who have indicated their interest so that we can pray together as we collectively brainstorm and work out the details of each focus area (eg., how to mobilize prayer support to wrap around [email protected] and enhance the prayer life of our church; how to develop a pathway of discipleship; how to develop a holistic family ministry for Carmel, etc.)
d. In order to manage this process well, we will not be working on all the ten focus areas at once. We will adopt a staggered approach by focusing on 4 focus areas to begin with, namely;
(i) improve integration of newcomers;
(ii) improve the prayer life of the church and mobilize prayer warriors in support of [email protected];
(iii) explore how to be ‘Spirit-formed to transform’; and
(iv) produce a pathway of discipleship.

The rest of the focus areas will be looked into once the first four are completed. We will set aside two Saturdays (23August and 30 August) as the dates for the first four AGs to meet. If you have indicated your interest for these four focus areas, please do your best to join us on those dates, thanks! We will send you an email to invite you.

f. When we meet as an AG, the point person will present some tentative proposals (eg.on ‘How to develop a pathway of discipleship’ or ‘What does a holistic family ministry look like’). This is necessary to ensure a guided discussion rather than a ‘random’ or ‘free-for-all’ discussion.
g. Our common purpose, when we meet as an AG, is to discuss and help evaluate the tentative proposals and offer value-adding ideas to make the final plan more complete/comprehensive.
h. The point person will also form a smaller core group to work with him, after hearing all views, to finalize the proposals for endorsement by Session.
i. Once Session has endorsed the proposals, it will be communicated to the rest of the church in the form of “This is how we can collectively serve as prayer warriors to enhance our church prayer life and support [email protected]”… or “This is how we can be more intentional in discipleship”… etc.
j. The rest in church will then be invited to join in and be part of the process of changing Carmel for the better. This is how we can collectively pursue our dream of growing to our next level. Our immediate prayer requests are as follows. Please pray…
a. For our church as a whole to be serious about [email protected]! It is our collective aspiration, with God’s help, to grow Carmel to the next level as we head towards our 50th Anniversary
in 2017.
b. For wisdom in identifying the point persons for each Action Group; they play a critical role to provide direction when working out the details on how to mobilize prayer, deepen evangelism, produce pathway of discipleship, etc. They also need to come out with tentative proposals for further discussion
c. For members to contribute good ideas for each focus area, and then back up their commitment with actual support as we seek to implement the ideas
d. Always remember that unless the Lord builds the house, we labor in vain (Psalm 127.1)

In summary, our road map until December 2014 is a follows:

  • [email protected] officially endorsed at 47th Anniversary Service, 25 May 2014
  • Pledge cards are collated and analyzed by Session, June 2014
  • Point persons are appointed to lead the first four focus areas, July 2014
  • Point person sends invitation to those who have indicated interest to meet as Action Group on 23 Aug and 30 Aug, 2014
  • Point person works with core group to finalize proposals for Session endorsement
  • The proposals are communicated for members to join in, starting in October 2014
  • Once we have concluded our work on the first four focus areas, the process will be repeated for the other focus areas, starting in January 2015

By Pastor Daniel Chua.

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