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Dear Carmelites,
Thank God for His sovereign grace and mercy in protecting Singapore & the provision of vaccines, test kits, and the safety measures in many places.

In view of the rising number of COVID cases in the community, let us do our part to protect family, friends & our faith community.

  1. If you receive notification from MOH about contact with COVID cases, get necessary medical attention immediately or rest at home and join us for online worship instead.
  2. For the Eventbrite registration, please register the names of each person coming for the service/event to facilitate contact tracing should the need arise.
  3. A gentle reminder to avoid mingling across zones and to leave Clementi Bible Centre quickly after the service.

Let’s daily look to God for His goodness, grace and mercies and give thanks!

English Worship Services from 21 July

Join us to praise God, listen to His Word and encourage one another with our presence! “Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name!” (Psalm 100:4)

Gospel Parenting

Carmel Mom hopes to bring together all mothers, including working mommies, together to God, love people, love their families and encourage, nurture and support them in their journey as mothers in the Carmel community. This is the second Gospel Night – His Grace in Gospel Parenting

Prayer & Praise to Jesus

Have you found yourself wondering in the wilderness? What do you long for? What is the sustenance of your daily living? Let us come on Sep. 24, 2021, to seek our Lord Jesus as the Living Bread. Zoom in at 7.45pm to connect together before we go to the Lord! God bless!

Ladies Ministry: The Beautiful Woman

Ladies ministry brings to you a zoom talked entitled The Beautiful Woman, on 25th September, at 2pm. Led by our very own Carmelite Lim Shi, the talk explores the concept of beauty as a feminine ideal created and demanded by society. It seeks to realign our perspectives and beliefs on what beauty truly means and how we have been created as beautiful by God.

Oasis: Nameless Women Series

Starting Sep 23 over Zoom, Oasis will be bringing to you a series of 3 talks by Ps David Wong entitled “Nameless Women Series”. Have you ever wondered why so many women in the Gospels have been brought to our attention without their names? Our studies will explore the place of women in biblical times. The details can be found in the publicity slide. All are welcome, men and women of all age groups!

Prayer Watch: Blessing Our Children

The next half of this year is critical and crucial for the well-being of our children who will be sitting for their Year end and National Exams. The goal of this prayer watch is to pray for our children to receive God’s abundant life and for His divine protection over their lives that they be kept safe from harm and mental distress. The natural routine and rhyme of school, home, church and extra activities, which COVID-19 disrupted, had yielded a deep unsettling, uncertain feeling to many of us. In the news, mental health concerns and suicide has been on a rise. Suicide is the leading cause of death for those aged 10-29* With increasing concern amongst our young, there is a need to be on our knees.

*There are 3 times more deaths from suicide than transport accidents in 2019; 400 lives were lost to suicide in 2019; Males account for more than 66% of all suicides in 2019. Source:

This is a DAILY Whatsapp group praying digitally only. To be included in this prayer watch, register here!

Family Builder

God designs marriage and family to bless us and our society. How can we play our part in fulfilling God’s design for our home place? 
The Family Builder talks will help you to focus on marriages or on Parenting Teenagers.
Please note the new dates are on Sundays.
12 September will be the first Family Builder on “Covenant Relationship, Expectations, Sexual and Spiritual Intimacy”
Use the QR code to sign up. Come aboard the Family Builders to keep your love growing in your marriage and your family.

Youth Camp 2021

Attention all parents and youths! Youth camp 2021 is coming up soon & it’ll be held from 11-15 December! This year’s theme is BUILT DIFFERENT and it’ll be a service, evangelism and fellowship camp. All youths aged P6 and up are invited to join us, so be sure to mark your calendars. Do stay tuned for more updates & we hope to see you there!

Young Adults Ministry

In the first half of 2021, the young adults read through the letter of Philippians together. Starting from 18 July, they will be starting on a new series in the book of Psalms every 1st and 3rd Sundays from 1:30pm to 3:30pm on Zoom. Join them as they explore the songs and prayers of God’s people! For more details, email Sara!

Carmel’s 54th Anniversary!

Carmel celebrated our 54th anniversary on 30 May! Praise God for His grace upon us!

As an anniversary gift, Carmelites can look forward to receiving one book per household. The church office will mail it out in batches over the coming weeks. For those who are moved to give, a freewill offering for the book will be collected and channeled to the Church Plant Fund.

For households that have not received your copy of the Carmel History Book, please email Lai San ([email protected]) with your full name and home address. Each household should receive one copy.

Looking Out For…

As our church members connect with the community through the voucher distribution, we are constantly encountering families that have varied needs, other than financial support. They long for relationship, for listening ears and practical help.

Join our Carmel News channel to learn about how you may share your “5 loaves and 2 fish” for the Lord to satisfy the needs of the community. Look out for these notices we’ll post as the needs arise.

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Dear Worshippers, from September onwards...
We welcome vaccinated and unvaccinated worshippers to our 50 pax in-person services on Sat at 5.30pm.
For Sunday worship services:
11.15 am service for 100pax vaccinated worshippers.
9am service will remain for live-streaming purposes.
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