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#carmelprays – Acts 21:27-40

Opening Song: In My Place

Read Scripture: Acts 21:27-40

Dealing with False Accusations

Expect it in the course of Gospel Work

The instinctive question when false accusations are hurled at us is “Lord, why me?”. Taking into account that we serve a Lord who was falsely accused and having the above incident recorded for our benefit, we should understand that false accusations are common and really a part of life as a Christian.

Allow for Others that God has put in place to intervene

Very often, indignation rules our hearts and minds and we start to focus on defending ourselves and add to the confusion. We narrow our perspective and start to believe that we are the only people who can help ourselves. God is there. He has prepared things in advance for His People. Here, we see the firm but peaceable side of Paul. As the authorities intervened, he allowed for due process and was respectful.  Paul did not obscure his identity but was clear and asked for permission to speak. When the heat is high, we need to be clear and not combative.

Pray in Response

Do we have unrealistic expectations that we will never be misunderstood?

When we are falsely accused or misunderstood perhaps by people who are close to us or strangers, how should we respond? 

Do we focus more on our rights and being right more than being righteous?

Ask the Lord to speak to you about how we can cultivate our hearts to respond rather than react.

Response Song: My Worth Is Not In What I Own

By Ps Ng Liang Wei

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