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#carmelprays – Acts 24:1-27

Opening Song: Is He Worthy

Read Scripture: Acts 24:1-27

This chapter is a fantastic example of what it means to bear witness for Jesus. 

Paul was brief and to the point about the false accusations. It is important to learn how to handle destructive emotions well. Most people would have focused their entire energy on defending the accusations. Paul however, addressed the accusations in a factual manner and went on to the message of the Gospel. We live only once, let’s focus on the most important.

Paul also went above the call of duty as a Christian. He did not court trouble. He kept himself ceremonially clean. He did not gather a crowd to draw attention to himself or to his cause. Handling disputes requires commitment. We are to hold on to our personal preferences and opinions as lightly as possible but stand firm only when it is of importance.

As tempting as it might have been for Paul to offer a bribe to get out of the situation, he chose to offer the Gospel instead. Paul focused on righteousness, self-control and judgment. This is an instructive summary of how Paul urged people to come to the Lord. As we reflect on the message that our lives and mouths preach, do we urge people on the key elements of the Gospel? Or do we engage in shadow boxing?

Reflection Questions:
How clear is the message of the Gospel ringing out from our lives?
Reflect on the last few times you were involved in a dispute. How important was it?

Pray in Response

Gracious Heavenly Father, I know that as a child of Yours, my life is to be a living testimony of Your power at work to change lives. I confess, Lord, that I have not always given You full reigns over my life and as such, I fail to live a Spirit-filled life. Forgive me Lord when I am so quick to respond in fleshly ways rather than to trust You for the outcome. Forgive me Lord when I fail to see that it is not always about winning an argument but more about winning a soul. Holy Spirit fall afresh on me and change me, make me and mould me that I may truly reflect that Jesus is Lord of my life and is so being, I may wisely speak the truth in love to the glory and honour of Jesus Christ my Lord. Amen!

Response Song: Find Us Faithful

By Ps Ng Liang Wei

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