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#carmelprays – Acts 25:1-12

Opening Song: Ancient of Days

Read Scripture: Acts 25:1-12

In the above passage, we can see that Paul’s ministry had truly rocked the boat among the religious leaders. They were probably aware that their false charges would hold no water and resorted to plotting an ambush. Festus to his credit showed appropriate legal discretion. 

By now, the case had dragged for around 2 years and if the religious leaders had difficulty proving their case earlier on, it is likely impossible now. This made an ambush more likely. It is important to note that Paul emphasised throughout that his current beliefs are consistent with Old Testament revelation. Our faith is not a new thing that arose from no context. 

Here Paul made an appeal to Caesar. There are many possible reasons for this. From the text, we can see that this is a shrewd move as Paul could possibly avoid being used as a gift to placate the Jews. Even if Paul was released, he would still be in danger. He might as well use his privilege as a Roman citizen and appeal to Caesar and in so doing bring the Gospel all the way to Rome.

In modern times, I am reminded of how Christians who are persecuted for their faith and thrown into prison have often gone on to share the Gospel in prison. There is a certain freedom in living wholeheartedly for Jesus and a certain beauty to it. Our lives are fleeting and the beauty of a shooting star lightening up the night sky is enchanting.

In our brief sojourn on earth, let’s allow Him to use us to shine brightly and point others to Him, the source of all goodness.

Pray in Response

Holy God, what an inspiration it is to see Paul willing to go all the way in the face of imminent danger. He’s a faithful and true man to You while others try to find fault with him and find none. Let me be like Paul, Christ-exalting, confident and courageous to proclaim the Gospel knowing that to live is Christ, to die in gain in Jesus powerful name I pray. Amen!

Response Song: By Faith

By Ps Ng Liang Wei

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