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#carmelprays – Acts 3:11-26

Opening Song: You Deserve The Glory

Read Scripture: Acts 3:11-26

Repent and believe! 

After the lame man was healed, people who knew the man were astonished. This man has been lame for a long time (Acts 3:2), and yet Peter was able to heal him. They must have exclaimed, “What amazing power!” to the extent that the Pharisees were disturbed (Acts 4). Peter subsequently emphasized the glorification of Jesus and how the crowd has handed Jesus over to be killed. In this short section, several descriptions of God were made: God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, God of our fathers, author of life, raised from the dead. The authors were trying to tell the audience that Jesus is God, and we have sinned against Him. It is through Jesus and faith in Him that this lame man was made strong, and by the name of Jesus that he was made strong. Apostle Peter was reminding the Israelites how powerful and sovereign God is, being the author of life, raised from the dead. 

Perhaps we also need this reminder that God is sovereign and is the author of life during this COVID-19 pandemic. It is tempting to spend all our time reading news about the pandemic rather than spending time meditating on the Word of God. Instead of allowing panic to sink into our hearts, let’s spend our time praying, reading the living Word of God, and meeting other fellow brothers and sisters in Christ over online platforms. While COVID-19 will come to an end one day, God is eternal, and through Christ, we have faith in God’s promise of eternal life. 

Apostle Peter subsequently gave a way out for the people: to repent and turn to God so that their sins may be wiped out. But Peter gives us a grave warning that anyone who does not listen to God’s prophets will be completely cut off from God. All of us are prone to wander away from God, and we reject God’s best, but God forgives our sins because of Jesus’ death on the cross. Our response is to repent and turn in faith to God, worshipping, and seeking Him. 

During this time, many of us would have more time for ourselves as travel is limited and we do not need to travel for work. Instead of spending more time on social media, reading COVID news, or other stories, why not spend this time reading his Word, pray, meditate and write down what God has done in your life?

Pray in Response

Almighty God, we acknowledge that You are great. Nothing is impossible for You. Your power has made the lame walk, enabled the blind to see and set captives free. Indeed, there is no one else like You. You deserve all glory and honour, and my praise and worship. 

Increase my desire to spend time with You, to feed on Your word and experience Your saving power in my life and daily situations. Indeed, salvation, healing and breakthrough comes from You alone. Forgive my lack of trust and reliance on You in the past. Grant me the faith to turn to You and trust in You – especially when things are beyond my comprehension. 

You have said in Your word that those who repent and turn to You, will find forgiveness for our sins and times of refreshing and restoration (Acts 3:19-21). I turn to You today to receive Your forgiveness and restoration. Your desire is for me to know Your goodness. As I spend time with You, grant me a sensitive spirit to hear Your word and respond in faith and praise. Amen.

Response Song: Times Of Refreshing

By Ee Pin Koon

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