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Devotionals on the Book of Deuteronomy

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  1. Week 1 | Deut 1-4:31
  2. Week 2 | Deut 4:32-10:22
  3. Week 3 | Deut 11:1-17:20
  4. Week 4 | Deut 18:1-24:22
  5. Week 5 | Deut 25:1-Deut 29:29
  6. Week 6 | Deut 30:1-Deut 34:12

Deuteronomy is a series of speeches by Moses at the edge of the Promised Land, calling on the new generation of Israel to be faithful to the covenant with their God, unlike their parents’ generation.

As you go deep with God, we pray that God will help each of us to choose the way of life as we listen to His voice, trust Him, and hold fast to Him.

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