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Devotionals on the Psalms

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Dear Carmelites & Friends

After an action-packed set of devotions going through Acts, we now focus on lavishly spending time with God. In this one week sampler, you are encouraged to read the Psalms meditatively, reflect, and ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you through His Word.

The Book of Psalms is a poetic collection comprising 150 psalms which was arranged with musical notations into five sections and was used extensively essentially as a “prayer and praise” book in the Temple and the synagogues.

We will focus on 3 key themes in the Psalms: 

1. God is King who reigns over all the Earth

The Psalms only make sense when we understand that God is not a territorial God who is limited by geography or by racial, cultural boundaries. The joy of worshipping the God of the universe is palpable. Even the bewilderment and laments that are written when things are not going well only make sense when we see it through the lens of the psalmists who fully believed that God is totally in control. That is why they can expect and hope that things can be better in the midst of despair when things go out of expected orbit.

2. God is our Judge who Acts

Not only is there a clear need for clean hands and pure hearts, there is a deep sense that God is active, though His timing may differ from ours. The uplifting praise when God intervenes reminds us that our salvation is sure. When we are very down, God is essentially saying to us, “it is okay for saints to not feel okay”. We can wail loudly, moan deeply, grieve silently and cry out to Him. He will be the final judge and He will act.

3. God is our Covenantal Lord

Holiness can feel like a tiresome concept or moral burden.  The holiness of the Lord in the Psalms is a powerful reminder that only a Holy God can be fully relied on to keep His Promises. Coupled with the themes of Kingship and Judge, we now have a powerful combination of a God who is able to act, knows how to act and can be trusted to act.

May this week of meditating on His Word nourish our souls, comfort our hearts, encourage our tired hands and stir our minds. Glimpse His holiness, the beauty of His Person and His desire to communicate with His people as you pay attention to His Word during this season.

Rev. Ng Liang Wei

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