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Devotionals on the 7 Letters to the 7 Churches in Revelation

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These were letters written to real churches which were carried by messengers to the respective churches.

Structure of a Typical Letter

  • Addressed to the angel of the church in a particular locality
  • It is Jesus who speaks
  • God knows what is happening in His Churches 
  • Clarity on what is praiseworthy or deserves condemnation
  • The responsibility of the recipient to pay attention, accompanied by a promise of blessing for those who do, and condemnation for those who do not. 

Keys to Understanding the Letters

Prepare our hearts to Remember: The world, and oftentimes, even the Church, act like God does not know. These letters clearly remind us that He does. Prepare our hearts for clarity. In a world where black is white and white is grey, we can often forget that God remains very clear, even when we are not.

Prepare our hearts to Pay Attention: In a rapidly changing world, we can easily lose our ability to pay attention. These letters are a call to put aside that which is not of God and to pay attention to what He is saying to us.

The historical and locality context is important to aid our understanding of each letter. The context helps us understand what is written. I would also encourage you to research and match what is written in these letters to the eventual fates of the cities, and the message becomes crystal clear.

Ps Ng Liang Wei

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