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Prayer For The Young And Strong (15 May)

Sing: You Are So Faithful

Scripture: Psalm 90:12

Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

Search your heart and pray as the Spirit leads

Scripted prayer

Faithful Father, You are the God of all ages. But today, we want to specifically remember the young and strong in this world.

By age, they are supposed to be young and strong. However, in this global crisis, they stand equal to the not-so-young and weak. This generation has many needs and challenges which the older generation did not experience. Hence, in this pandemic season, we can imagine many of them facing the following struggles in varying degrees. We now uphold them through these prayers…

In this space of total anxiety, the weight of this pandemic may consume their hearts and confuse their spirits. We know You are not a God of confusion; You are a God of order, love and peace. We pray that you will restore order right now in them. May their minds and souls receive Your truths (Good News) so that their burdened hearts may find relief in the midst of all the chaos and bad news.

In this space of total uncertainty, You remain certain and constant.  You do not change like shifting shadows. We pray that You calm all their fears of the present and future, and soothe the weak and helpless. Whatever You speak in Your Word to accomplish, we pray these over them. May their hearts be calmed when fear begins to lurk. May You invoke their senses to turn to You and know You. Whatever comes their way today, there is no need to fear because You are in control.

In this space of total barrier, the pain in many souls weighs heavy as they feel trapped with no escape. Even when they cannot find the words to describe the depth of agony, we ask that Your comfort extends to them, and Your power charges their soul. Please hold them close to Your heart. May their distress be transformed by Your kindness into soothing calmness.

In this space of isolation, there are angry hearts that feel frustrated, who cannot understand why this pandemic should happen. Turn their eyes to You, Lord. Help them find You. May Your glorious grace flood their heart to melt away the madness. May Your redeeming love conquer their bitterness and replace their anger, flowing through them as a light that gives way to hope.

In this space of experimenting doing things in unconventional ways, many feel overwhelmed by tremendous stress. Would You please help them remember there is a God who cares and understands? Despite heightened senses in this generation, many have lost the sense they need the most – the sense of Jesus’ presence. Would You please help them remember that You are here…help them relax and rest in Your love. May the tension release and melt into peace that only You can provide.

In this space of feeling inadequate, some feel that they cannot even pray and they do not mean to complain. They feel like they are running on empty when they have nothing left to give or offer. Help them, Lord, to learn to lean on You, to know Your strength and not depend on their own strength. May they encounter You in fresh ways during this time. May this be the evidence of Your almighty power pouring over them.

In this space of total slow down, a lot feel uncomfortable because they are used to the rushing pace, with much multitasking. Would You please help them to be still, to take time to reflect, and pursue You. Please lead them away from any unrest or temptation that corrupts their minds and cause them to stray. Direct their footsteps according to Your Word. Let no sin rule over them. Fill them with Your wisdom to love Your way.

In this space of social distancing, there are some that feel so alone as they have estranged relationships with family. Even though they can be in a place full of people, but they still feel that no one truly understands them. Would You please reveal Yourself to them, either in word or song, in a way far beyond their imagination? May this be the time that they walk closely with You and truly experience your presence with them.

In this space of keeping still, many feel the need to keep up. They feel guilty for slowing down, or not being able to “finish on time”. Would You please help them to pause and enjoy the process instead?  Help them savor the moments of rest for once and see the benefits. Inspire them to be creative and appreciate Your creation – from time to nature. Let them be so refreshed that Your joy becomes evident on their face. On the other hand, for those with a huge burst of energy, help them channel their resources to encourage and lift up those with low energy in positive ways.

Lord Jesus, this pandemic has impacted many lives, but we know that Your purposes for these young and strong never fail. May this be a defining moment for the young and strong to learn to number their days, as they pause and ponder, that they may gain a heart of wisdom.  We pray, too, that they learn to disconnect even more from the world and connect more with what’s really true in Your Word as You unlock the child-like faith in them. And as they do so, reveal to them what positive news or reasons to be thankful for eternity. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen!

Sing: Help Me See

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