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Care Groups

The Vision of Mt. Carmel BP Church encompasses these five aspects:

· Spiritual Intimacy
· Worship
· Service
· Fellowship
· Outreach

“Those who are planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts of our God. They shall still bear fruit in old age. They shall be fresh and flourishing”.
Psalms 92: 13-14

What is a Care Group in Mt. Carmel BP Church ?

Mt. Carmel church is working towards “Rediscovering Discipleship: Building a community of Disciples which disciples in Community”. It aims to incorporate the five aspects of Spiritual Intimacy, Worship, Service, Fellowship and Outreach to fulfill this vision.

Our Care Groups serve to minister to the lives of God’s people in a way where we may be transformed into a life-changing community. The Care Group provides the environment for believers to pray with each other, to study the Word, to serve and care for one another, and to reach out to others as God commands us to do.

The Care Group is an ideal place to nurture our walk with God and our fellowship with one another. Our hope is that every person who worships in Mt. Carmel BP Church will be involved in Care Groups and experience a renewing of his/her faith in the Body of Christ.

How does the CG Ministry go about to incorporate

Spiritual Intimacy + Worship + Service + Fellowship + Outreach?

Prayer: The CG ministry belongs to God.PRAYER is the driving force for what we do and hope to accomplish in God.

Share: We SHARE with each other our resources and insights from what we have learnt in our daily personal walk with God.

Care: As we love each other and serve Him together, we exercise CARE and mutual support for each other.

Dare: As we grow together in Christ, by His Spirit, we will DARE to reach out to seekers and believers to urge them towards discipleship.

Care Group Elements

What happens in Care Groups…

Worship: Through praise and adoration, we adore and honour Him for Who He is and His love for us

Prayer & Bible Study: In prayer and the study of the Word, we grow spiritually more intimate with Him and find spiritual nourishment and empowerment to do His will

Sharing & Caring: As a community, we encourage each other to pursue Christ-likeness in our personal walk

Service & Outreach: Fulfilling Christ’s call, we reach out, to serve and to share the good news with His people in our midst and beyond

If you have any questions, please feel free to call:
Ps Lim Kheng Hai @67795077. Email: [email protected]

We welcome everyone for online & in-person worship services! No registration is needed starting 15 March 2022. Everyone’s well-being is important so if you are unwell, pls join us in the livestream worship service online at 9am. Stay safe & be well! Thank you for your cooperation!

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