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COVID-19 Notice

21 July 2021 – Phase Two (Heightened Alert)

In light of the recent rise in community cases, the government has announced a set of tightened measures for religious activities, effective from 22 July through 18 August 2021. To reduce the risk of further community spread, these changes will be implemented from 21 July 2021. We will review the situation and update you closer to mid-August.

In-person worship services

  1. Sunday 9am English Worship Service will be suspended. The service will continue to be livestreamed by the team on duty.
  2. Sunday 11am English Worship Service will remain capped at 50 pax in-person.
  3. Youth Service, Mandarin Worship Service, and Sunday School will move online.

Ministry activities

  1. In-person ministry activities will move online.
  2. Keep in touch with your respective ministries for updates.

Pastoral care and prayer

  1. We are still here for you. If you would like to respond to God, request for prayer or share a thanksgiving item, we would love to give you a call and pray with you! 
  2. Members seeking pastoral care may email the church office or email our pastors directly.
  3. If you need to come to church, please make an appointment as our staff are working primarily from home.

Stay Connected

We are thankful for the opportunity to worship together, and we encourage everyone to stay connected with one another and your Care Groups (CGs). If you would like to join a CG, please email Ps Jabez

We encourage everyone to pray fervently for the world, our nation, our church, our community, and ourselves. Use these prayer points to guide you.

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Dear Worshippers, from September onwards...
We welcome vaccinated and unvaccinated worshippers to our 50 pax in-person services on Sat at 5.30pm.
For Sunday worship services:
11.15 am service for 100pax vaccinated worshippers.
9am service will remain for live-streaming purposes.
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