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Church Plant Initiative

The Vision

To plant a family church by going to where the people are & sharing the Gospel & the love of Christ.

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” (Acts 1:8)

The Mandate

At our Extraordinary General Meeting on 22 September 2019, nine out of ten Carmelites voted “yes” to support the mandate for the church plant: “To empower the Session to purchase or lease land or any other kind of property to develop a place for worship and works of ministry on behalf of Mount Carmel BP Church Limited, for an amount not exceeding S$30 million. It shall include the option to join and participate in any bids with any other like-minded church/Christian organisation.”

We thank God that He has spoken through the collective discernment of His leaders and people. This Church Plant Initiative (CPI) is driven by faith in God, that He will provide, no matter what economic or pandemic situation we face. So let us put our faith into action – pray boldly and give cheerfully as the Lord moves us.

The CP is vision-driven, not needs-driven. There is no push factor to find a place of worship. This CP is driven by a vision not of building a small kingdom of comfort and safety, but an act of obedience to Christ.


Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why are we looking to plant a church?
We do so in obedience to The Great Commission given by our Lord Jesus in Matthew 28:16-20. Armed with the presence and authority of Jesus Christ, the Church is commanded to make disciples, baptise them and teach them all that God has commanded. Planting a new church is also a means by which God can renew Carmel as it challenges new leaders and members to step forward and reach out to people in a new way, with a new spirit of innovation and creativity.
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2) In view of the restrictions on the usage of a church building caused by COVID-19, should Mt Carmel continue to pursue a “buy and build strategy”?
The Church Plant team is considering several options and discerning with God on His will for us. The options include various models for planting a new church, as well as new opportunities in community outreach and digital ministry.
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3) Why should we continue giving now to build up the Church Plant Fund?
When we build up our reserves over time, we will be in a better position to submit a higher bid when HDB announces the next tender. One of the criteria that HDB looks at is financial ability – the collected funds and the pledges will show that Carmel can indeed finance the land, the building and its operations. Give now so we’ll be ready when the time comes.
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4) If my financial situation has changed since I submitted my pledge, can I withdraw or revise it?
If you wish to withdraw your loan or revise your pledge, you may do so by writing to [email protected]

Give to the Church Plant Fund

Bank transfer:
OCBC Account 552-051880-001
Payee: Mount Carmel BP Church Ltd
Indicate in the comments: Church Plant Fund

Submit a pledge:
Download the pledge form
Once completed, email it to Angie, or mail to:
Mt Carmel BP Church
152 West Coast Road
Singapore 127370

We welcome everyone for online & in-person worship services! Your completed vaccination status is required for all in-person services. No registration is needed starting 15 March 2022. Everyone’s well-being is important so if you are unwell, pls join us in the livestream worship service online at 9am. Stay safe & be well! Thank you for your cooperation!

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