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Discussion Questions

Date Discussion Questions (select to view) Speakers
Saturday Sunday
27th Feb 28th Feb Finding Buried Treasures from Boring Lists of Names Rev Peter Teo
20th Feb 21st Feb Nehemiah: Covenant Relationship and Renewal Rev Daniel Chua
14th Feb 13th Feb Nehemiah: Public Confession of Sin: A Sure Sign of Revival Rev Daniel Chua
23rd Jan 24th Jan Nehemiah: Spiritual Revival @ Water Gate Rev Oh Boon Leong
9th Jan 10th Jan Nehemiah: Injustices that Destroy Community Rev Daniel Chua
5th Dec 6th Dec Nehemiah: Finishing Well Rev Lim Kheng Hai
21st Nov 22nd Nov Nehemiah: Everyone Matters Rev Oh Boon Leong
28th Nov 29th Nov Nehemiah: “Hear Us O God, For We Are Despised.” Rev Daniel Chua
14th Nov 15th Nov Nehemiah: The Gracious Hand of My God was Upon Me Rev Daniel Chua
7th Nov 8th Nov Nehemiah: The Man for the Hour Rev Peter Teo
19th Sept 20th Sept The Raising of Lazarus Rev Lim Kheng Hai

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