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Missions (Cambodia)

What was your life like before God called you to do this ministry?

Yew On grew up in a Buddhist/Taoist family. He got to know about Jesus through the Boys’ Brigade (BB) in his secondary school days. Though he joined BB for 5 years, he didn’t receive Christ Jesus as his personal Saviour and Lord, yet he hungered to know more about who Jesus is during his Form Five and Form Six days (Junior College).

Chern Chern is from a Christian family, she received Jesus as her Lord and Saviour when she was young. Upon graduation from Dental School, she went to work in a private Christian Dental Clinic in East Coast of Malaysia. There were not many Christians there but the Church was alive where she had the opportunity to serve in children and youth ministries.

How did God call and lead you to this ministry?

God calls each of us differently. For Yew On, God used three dreams. These were three dreams that came true. First, in his Lower Six, he dreamt that he did well in STPM (A levels) and it came true. Second, a few days before he received the offer letter of acceptance into university, he dreamt that he was a dentist treating patients. When he woke up, he had this peace in his heart that he would get into dentistry course and told a few of his friends about it. Third, it was during his first year in university that he dreamt that he was holding a cross. As he lifted the cross up, it shone brightly. He started to walk along a path where there were people on both sides of the path. In the dream, he was calling people to come and believe in Jesus Christ and the last person he invited to believe in Jesus was his twin brother. When he woke up, he was shocked. He told himself, “How could I call people to believe in Jesus, if I myself was not sure who He is?” In that year, it came true that his twin brother believed in Jesus while he was a first year student in university. As a result of the dream, Yew On began to search deeper to find out whether Jesus is indeed the Son of God and Saviour. Thanks to God’s mercy, he came to know and accept Christ as his personal Saviour at the end of his first year in university. The third dream, which was about God’s command to make disciples of all nations, and a challenge given by a speaker during one of the church camps, was how Yew On felt that God had called him to serve Him.

God already called Chern Chern during her secondary school days. A preacher from Singapore Bible College came to preach in her church where he exhorted the church members to give God their lives, not their leftovers. She read biographies of missionaries, attended mission festivals, prayed for missionaries and missions, joined short term mission trips to different countries/places to know where God wanted her to serve.

Yew On felt that Cambodia was where God wanted us to serve during a mission trip to Cambodia in June 1994. There he saw the great physical and spiritual needs of the people. A few days after Yew On arrived back in Malaysia, a fax arrived from the OMF Field Director of Thailand, who at that time was also in-charge of Cambodia. He asked whether the Choos would like to serve in Cambodia. We felt this was a confirmation from the LORD as we had not informed anyone that Yew On had gone to Cambodia for a mission trip. The following year after giving birth to Joshua, Chern Chern went to Cambodia to do dental outreach for a week. It was there that she felt a confirmation from the LORD that Cambodia was where God was calling us to serve using both our professional skills as dentists and ministering to the spiritual needs of the people.

What is your ministry about?

We are the OMF Coordinator for Development/Professional Workers. Our responsibilities include taking on a leadership role such as providing direction and member care, selecting new members and ministry placement.

We also teach part-time at the Dental Faculty. Chern Chern serves as Clinical Consultant in the Postgraduate Masters Orthodontic while Yew On serves as advisor to the Orthodontic staff. Chern Chern trains the Orthodontic staff to select suitable patients for the new postgraduate students and help them manage their cases. Yew On helps the Orthodontic staff in their preparation of lectures, advising them in work-related matters and teaching the new postgraduate students basic computing skills and dental photography.

We are also involved in the Christian Dental students’ ministry, where we disciple the students through weekly Bible Studies and monthly biblical discussions and trainings. Once in a while, we bring some dental students to do dental outreach among the poor.
Besides that, Yew On also preaches once in 2 months at the church they helped to plant back in 1998. Together with another OMF member, Chern Chern also teaches the OMF children (‘Sunday School’) once a week. We still continue to learn the Khmer language.

What are some challenges of serving?

One of the challenges is getting the Christian dental students to serve together in unity as they come from different church backgrounds. Some of the senior dental students are busy working at the private clinics to earn some money, which can cause them to be cold in their walk with the LORD. Some students take up two courses at the same time, which make them even busier.
As a result, some of them lack the commitment to come regularly for studying God’s Word together on Tuesday lunch break at the faculty and a number of the seniors have not been attending church. We hope to see second year students attend the weekly meetings regularly so that we could disciple them and help them grow in their faith so as to reach out to their fellow students. Of late, the three 2nd year girls have not been coming regularly to the meetings.

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