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Sermon Podcasts (Archive)

Sermons from 2019
29 Dec Worship That Costs Rev Wong Shin Hoe
22 Dec A Down-To-Earth Christmas Rev Yap Kim Sin
15 Dec What’s So Special About The Child? Rev Daniel Chua
8 Dec The End of the Age Rev Peter Teo
1 Dec Faithful To The Lord of Nations Dr Lai Pak Wah
24 Nov A Glimpse of Heaven Rev Daniel Chua
17 Nov Prayer & Word in Times of Crisis Rev Oh Boon Leong
10 Nov Back the Future Rev Peter Teo
3 Nov A Coming King Rev Daniel Chua
27 Oct The Ongoing Reformation Rev Lim Kheng Hai
20 Oct The Cost of Integrity Eld Bruce Lockhart
13 Oct The Hand That Rocks The Royal Cradle Rules The World Rev Jabez Chia
6 Oct Faith At Home Rev Dr Dev Menon
29 Sept Pride Before A Fall Rev Daniel Chua
22 Sept Building a Robust Faith Rev Oh Boon Leong
15 Sept God’s Future Rev Daniel Chua
8 Sept Daniel: A Man with Conviction Rev Oh Boon Leong
31 Aug What Does it Take to be a Winning Church Rev Oh Boon Leong
25 Aug Marriage Through the Empty Nest Rev Daniel Chua
18 Aug Marriage Through the Storms Rev Peter Teo
11 Aug Building Blocks of a Strong Marriage Rev Jabez Chia
4 Aug Stepping Out of the Boat and into the Mission Field Eld Bruce Lockhart
28 July Antioch: A Mission Minded Church Ps Fitz Garlitos
21 July Marriage: 3 Foundational Principles Rev Oh Boon Leong
14 July Youth Sunday: Making A Difference Rev Jabez Chia
7 July Dating: Who is Right for Me, Who is Left for Me Rev Jabez Chia
30 Jun Facing the Challenges of Singleness Eld Bruce Lockhart
23 Jun Living Our Lives to Their Fullest Potential For God Rev Peter Teo
16 Jun Lessons from the Life from Saul Eld Bruce Lockhart
9 Jun For the love of Christ Dr Lai Pak Wah
2 Jun Choosing Love Over Legalism Eld Bruce Lockhart
26 May Being An Intergeneration Church Rev Lim Kheng Hai
19 May As the Day Approaches Rev Oh Boon Leong
12 May The Christian and the State Eld Ho Peng Kee
5 May Agape Love Rev Oh Boon Leong
28 Apr Cultivating the Art of Christian Thinking Rev Oh Boon Leong
21 Apr Too Good to be True Rev Tan Soo Inn
14 Apr The King on a Donkey Rev Tan Soo Inn
7 Apr A Life of Doxology Rev Oh Boon Leong
31 Mar God’s Plan of Salvation Rev Peter Teo
24 Mar Romans: God’s Sovereign election and mercy Romans 9:1-33 Eld Bruce Lockhart
17 Mar A Healthy Church Member is a Prayer Warrior Rev Peter Teo
10 Mar A Healthy Church Member is a Humble Follower Rev Daniel Chua
3 Mar A Healthy Church Member is a Growing Disciple Matthew Rev Peter Teo
17 Feb A Healthy Church Member is an Authentic Friend Rev Oh Boon Leong
10 Feb A Healthy Church Member is a Gospel Witness Rev Daniel Chua
3 Feb A Healthy Church Member is Genuinely Converted Rev Jabez Chia
27 Jan A Healthy Church member is transformed by God’s Word Rev Daniel Chua
20 Jan A Healthy Church member is a good listener Rev Oh Boon Leong
13 Jan Marks of a Healthy Church Member: A Healthy Church member is a committed member Rev Oh Boon Leong
6 Jan Words of Wisdom to Live By for the New Year Rev Lim Kheng Hai
Sermons from 2018
30 Dec Year End Message Rev Daniel Chua
23 Dec The ABCD of Christmas Rev Toh See Kiat
16 Dec Do You Need A Light? Mr Michael Tan
9 Dec Trusting God in the Worst of Times Rev Oh Boon Leong
2 Dec Groaning & Glory Dr Lai Pak Wah
25 Nov Life in the Spirit Rev Daniel Chua
18 Nov Married to Mr. Law or to Mr. Grace? Rev Oh Boon Leong
11 Nov The Great Chain Breaker Rev Jabez Chia
4 Nov Freedom From, Freedom To Rev Oh Boon Leong
28 Oct Men on Fire – God’s True Protestants Rev Mark Tay
21 Oct Grace and Law: Finding the Balance Eld Bruce Lockhart
14 Oct The Greatest Love of All Rev Oh Boon Leong
7 Oct Abraham and Faith Rev Daniel Chua
30 Sept Partnership Between Home and Church Mr Alan Wong
23 Sept How Can I Be Right With God? Rev Oh Boon Leong
16 Sept God’s Final Verdict Rev Lim Kheng Hai
9 Sept True Circumcision & True Jew Rev Daniel Chua
2 Sept To Judge, Or Not To Judge? Dr Lai Pak Wah
26 Aug The Most Unpopular Doctrine of God Rev Oh Boon Leong
19 Aug The Good News that Changed the World Rev Oh Boon Leong
12 Aug 7 Deadly Sins: Lust Ps Asst Marianne Wong
5 Aug The Great Commission-Revisited Rev Allan Webb
29 Jul Think Local-Act Global Rev Allan Webb
22 Jul 7 Deadly Sins: Gluttony Rev Oh Boon Leong
15 Jul 7 Deadly Sins: Greed Rev Lim Kheng Hai
8 Jul Encounters with Jesus Dr Calvin Chong
1 Jul 7 Deadly Sins: Envy Marianne Wong
24 Jun 7 Deadly Sins: Anger Rev Daniel Chua
17 Jun 7 Deadly Sins: Envy Oh Boon Leong
10 Jun 7 Deadly Sins: Pride Oh Boon Leong
3 Jun Sinning Like A Christian 7 Deadly Sins: An Introduction Oh Boon Leong
29 May Running The Race Marked Out For Us Eld Ho Peng Kee
29 May Running The Race Marked Out For Us Eld Ho Peng Kee
20 May Strong Faith in Turbulent Times Rev Oh Boon Leong
13 May Making Wise Choices Rev Peter Teo
6 May “Babylonians??? Are you kidding me, God?” Rev Daniel Chua
29 Apr “Strong Faith in Turbulent Times: Habakkuk” – When Faith is Tested Rev Oh Boon Leong
22 Apr The Transfiguration Rev Tan Soo Inn
15th Apr The Secret of True Contentment Rev Daniel Chua
1st Apr How Relevant is the Resurrection for Today’s V.U.C.A. World? Dr John Ng
25th Mar The Multiple Meanings of Lent Eld Bruce Lockhart
18th Mar Pressing Towards the Goal in Christ Rev Peter Teo
11th Mar From Loss to Gain In Christ Rev Oh Boon Leong
4th Mar Taking 2nd Place in God’s Choice Team Rev Oh Boon Leong
25th Feb Work Out Your Salvation With Fear and Trembling Rev Daniel Chua
18th Feb Reconciling Broken Relationships Through Mediation Eld Ho Peng Kee
11th Feb Imitating Christ’s Humility Rev Peter Teo
4th Feb Descent from Greatness to Greatness Rev Oh Boon Leong
28th Jan To Live is Christ, To Die is Gain Rev Oh Boon Leong
21st Jan It’s all about Christ! Rev Daniel Chua
14th Jan Love-Building Moments Rev Jabez Chia
7th Jan How Can You Tell God is at Work in You Rev Oh Boon Leong
Sermons from 2017
31st Dec Bread from Heaven Rev Dev Menon
24th Dec When Darkness Descends on Christmas Rev Oh Boon Leong
17th Dec A Promise: From Abraham to Christ Rev Samuel Goh
10th Dec Reforming, not just Reformation Dr Lim Kar Yong
3rd Dec Renewal & Restoration Ps Asst Marianne Wong
25th Nov The Journey to Spiritual Renewal Rev Daniel Chua
19th Nov Renewal under God’s Leadership and Word Rev Peter Teo
12th Nov Joy that Lasts Oh Boon Leong
5th Nov Overcoming Discouragement Oh Boon Leong
29th Oct Soli Deo Gloria Dr Lai Pak Wah
22nd Oct Solus Scriptura Eld Bruce Lockhart
15th Oct Sola Gratia Rev Daniel Chua
8th Oct Solus Christus Rev Peter Teo
1st Oct Sola Fide (“Faith Alone”) Rev Oh Boon Leong
24th Sept Telling the Next Generation Rev Oh Boon Leong
17th Sept Following Jesus in the Company of Friends Rev Tan Soo Inn
10th Sept Spiritual Setbacks: 3 Steps Forward, 2 Steps Back Rev Oh Boon Leong
3rd Sept Renewal is the work of the Community Rev Daniel Chua
27th Aug Hallmarks of Spiritual Renewal Rev Oh Boon Leong
20th Aug Winning the Spiritual Battle Rev Oh Boon Leong
13th Aug The Christian at Home and at Work Rev Peter Teo
6th Aug Balance of Power in Marriage Rev David Wong
30th July Following, Going and Growing Rev Tang Hai Yang
23rd July – 2nd svc Knowing God & Making Him Known Ps Choo Yew On
23rd July – 1st svc Mission Festival Message Ps Eman Kumar
16th July Be What you are in Christ Rev Jabez Chia
9th July Mission Impossible: Passing the Baton of Faith Rev Jabez Chia
2nd July “Are You A Well-Dressed Christian?” Rev Oh Boon Leong
25th June Living A Life Worthy of Your Calling Rev Oh Boon Leong
18th June What Does Faith Look Like? Rev Daniel Tan
11th June Empowered & Filled with God’s Goodness Eld Bruce Lockhart
4th June The Divine Mystery in Christ Eld Bruce Lockhart
28th May What is your view of God? Rev Oh Boon Leong
21st May Reconciled by Christ Rev Daniel Chua
14th May Living Out Our Calling: Being, Doing, Blessings Ms Seah Jiak Choo
7th May Raised with Christ Rev Peter Teo
30th Apr “So that You May Know Him Better” Rev Daniel Chua
23rd Apr 6 Amazing Things God Says About You Rev Oh Boon Leong
9th Apr A Different Kind of King! Rev Oh Boon Leong
2nd Apr Walking Into The Desert With Jesus Rev Jabez Chia
26th Mar Ruth Sermon Series: God’s Redemption in Victory Rev Peter Teo
19th Mar Ruth Sermon Series: God’s Blessing to the Righteous Rev Asst Marianne Wong
12th Mar Ruth Sermon Series: God’s Grace to the Humbled Rev Oh Boon Leong
5th Mar Ruth Sermon Series: God’s Providence in Suffering Rev Daniel Chua
26th Feb Jubilee Sermon Series – Proclaimation Rev Peter Teo
19th Feb Jubilee Sermon Series – Justice Dr Lai Pak Wah
12th Feb Jubilee Sermon Series – Healing Rev Oh Boon Leong
5th Feb Jubilee Sermon Series – Forgiveness Rev Daniel Chua
29th Jan Total Commitment to God Rev Lim Kheng Hai
22nd Jan Jubilee Sermon Series – Freedom Rev Oh Boon Leong
15th Jan Jubilee and Redemption Rev Daniel Chua
8th Jan Jubilee Sermon Series – Sabbath Rev Lim Kheng Hai
1st Jan Blessings & Happiness in 2017 Rev Oh Boon Leong
Sermons from 2016
25th Dec What’s So Special About that Child? Rev Daniel Chua
18th Dec How Many Kings Rev Oh Boon Leong
11th Dec Lessons from The Mysterious Magi Rev Peter Teo
4th Dec Food, Feasting, and Kingdom? Mr Quek Tze Ming
27th Nov The Christian’s Responsibility in a Secular Society Rev Lim Kheng Hai
20th Nov The Blessed Hope Rev Daniel Chua
13th Nov God’s Plan for God’s Family Rev Oh Boon Leong
6th Nov Titus: A Man of Character & Commitment Rev Oh Boon Leong
30th Oct Treasuring the Reformation’s Legacy for Each of Us Eld Bruce Lockhart
23rd Oct Save Yourselves From This Corrupt Generation Rev Peter Teo
16th Oct Preaching to a Non Christian Audience Dr Tan Soo Inn
9th Oct The Danger of Spiritual Deflection Rev Oh Boon Leong
2nd Oct Makers of a Faithful Servant of Christ Rev Peter Teo
25th Sept The Worth & Work of the Word Rev Daniel Chua
18th Sept Signs of the Last Days Rev Oh Boon Leong
11th Sept Give Me This Mountain! Rev Toh See Kiat
4th Sept The Life God Approves and Blesses Rev Oh Boon Leong
28th Aug Marks of a Strong Spiritual Life Rev Daniel Chua
21st Aug Not Ashamed of Christ Rev Lim Kheng Hai
14th Aug Passing on the Legacy Rev Oh Boon Leong
7th Aug Contentment in an Age of Materialism Rev Oh Boon Leong
31st July I was made for more than this Dr Ian Mcloughlin
24th July Mission Fest : Mission Ps Deepakhal
17th July Church Discipline & Care of Widows Rev Daniel Chua
10th July Sharpened to be a Mark for Man Rev Jabez Chia
3rd July Portrait of a Godly Leader Rev Lim Kheng Hai
26th Jun Men, Women & Ministry in Church Rev Lim Kheng Hai
19th Jun A Family’s Saga of Travel, Tragedy and Turnaround Rev Peter Teo
12th Jun Praying for the Unsaved Rev Daniel Chua
5th June He Came For You Rev Jabez Chia
29th May Unless the Lord Builds The House Rev Oh Boon Leong
22nd May Sharing Across Cultures Eld Bruce Lockhart
15th May The Disciple’s Witness Rev Oh Boon Leong
8th May Becoming a Woman of God Lisa Grace MacEwen
1st May The Fruit Bearing Disciple Mr Tan Huai Tze
24th Apr Conforming to the World… or Not? Dr Lai Pak Wah
17th Apr A Race of Life Rev Oh Boon Leong
10th Apr The Cross of Christ Rev Rob MacEwen
3rd Apr “Who is the Disciple of Christ?” Rev Oh Boon Leong
24th Mar A Scientist – Theologian Looks at the Resurrection Body Rev Peter Teo
20th Mar Hosanna! Mr Quek Tze Ming
13th Mar Upper Room Discourse – No longer servants, but friends Mr Chong Ser Choon John
6th Mar Faithful To The End Rev Oh Boon Leong
28th Feb Finding Buried Treasures from Boring Lists of Names Rev Peter Teo
21st Feb Nehemiah: Covenant Relationship and Renewal Rev Daniel Chua
14th Feb Nehemiah: Public Confession of Sin: A Sure Sign of Revival Rev Daniel Chua
7th Feb “More, More, More” Chai Thanit
31st Jan Portrait of a Servant of Christ Jesus Rev Oh Boon Leong
24th Jan Nehemiah: Spiritual Revival @ Water Gate Rev Oh Boon Leong
17th Jan Nehemiah: When it Gets Personal Rev Lim Kheng Hai
10th Jan Nehemiah: Injustices that Destroy Community Rev Daniel Chua
3rd Jan 3 Things We Are Not To Lose In The New Year Rev Oh Boon Leong
Sermons from 2015
27th Dec Remember God’s Goodness Rev Daniel Chua
20th Dec God With Us Rev Oh Boon Leong
13th Dec Advent Series: Zechariah Dr Lai Pak Wah
6th Dec Nehemiah: Finishing Well Rev Lim Kheng Hai
29th Nov Nehemiah: “Hear Us O God, For We Are Despised.” Rev Daniel Chua
22nd Nov Nehemiah: Everyone Matters Rev Oh Boon Leong
15th Nov Nehemiah: The Gracious Hand of My God was Upon Me Rev Daniel Chua
8th Nov Nehemiah: Rebuilding God’s People for God’s Purpose; Nehemiah: The Man for the Hour Rev Peter Teo
1st Nov Jesus & The Miraculous catch of fish Rev Bob MacEwen
25th Oct Reformation Sunday Rev Peter Teo
18th Oct Jesus Walking on Water Eld Bruce Lockhart
11th Oct Faith & Healing Rev Lim Kheng Hai
4th Oct Healing of Bartimaeus Rev Oh Boon Leong
27th Sept Cleansing of the Lepers Rev Daniel Chua
20th Sept The Raising of Lazarus Rev Oh Boon Leong
13th Sept Healing of a Demon Possessed Man Rev Oh Boon Leong
6th Sept Healing of a Paralytic Rev Oh Boon Leong
27th Aug Never Too Small Mr Peter Chao
23rd Aug Never Too Far Mr Peter Chao
16 Aug Returning to the Garden Ps Benjamin Lee
9 Aug Families Under Attack Mr Jason Wong
2 Aug Only Believe! Rev Oh Boon Leong
26 July Mt Carmel as Light for the Nations Rev Peter Teo
19 July Blessed to be a Blessing Mr Laval Yau
12 July Do This More and More Rev Jabez Chia
5 July Healing of a man born blind Rev Lim Kheng Hai
28 June Healing at the Pool Rev Daniel Chua
21 June Water to Wine Rev Oh Boon Leong
14 June Healings and Miracles of Jesus: Meaning & Purpose Rev Oh Boon Leong
7 June For it is a Jubilee and is to be Holy Rev Toh See Kiat
31 May In God’s Appointed Time Rev Daniel Chua
24 May The Church – Gathered for Worship Rev Tan Soo Inn
17 May The Church – Structured for Growth Rev Tan Soo Inn
10 May How to Ace the Test of Faith Rev Oh Boon Leong
3 May The Wicked Tenants Rev Daniel Chua
26 Apr Parables about Future: Sheep and Goats Rev Oh Boon Leong
19 Apr [email protected]: Our Shared Beliefs – Part2 Rev Peter Teo
12 Apr Parables about Future: Talents & Minas Rev Daniel Chua
4 Apr Darkest Hour, Brightest Dawn Rev Daniel Chua
22 Mar The Pharisee and The Tax Collector Rev Lim Kheng Hai
15 Mar The Persistent Widow & the Unjust Judge Eld Bruce Lockhart
8 Mar Parables about God & Prayer: Friend at Midnight Rev Oh Boon Leong
1 Mar [email protected]: Perils & Rewards of Service Rev Oh Boon Leong
22 Feb Rich Man & Lazarus Rev Daniel Chua
15 Feb Parables about Money: A Wise Steward Rev Oh Boon Leong
08 Feb Being Stewards of God’s Riches Dr Lai Pak Wah
01 Feb The Good Samaritan Rev Daniel Chua
25 Jan Parables of Discipleship: Two Builders Rev Lim Kheng Hai
18 Jan The Barren Fig Tree Rev Daniel Chua
11 Jan We Were Made to Persuade! Mr Alex McLellan
04 Jan Two Lost Songs Rev Daniel Chua
Camp Notes 2015
Lesson 1 Divine Power for the Uphill Journey Pt 1
Lesson 2 The Church God’s New Creation
Lesson 3 Divine Power for the Uphill Journey Pt 2
Lesson 4 Building the Body of Christ
Workshop 1 Village Life City Lessons
Workshop 2 A Lukewarm Church
Sermons from 2014
Date Topic Speaker Soundbyte
28 Dec Enrolling in Jesus’ School of Life Dr Tan Soo Inn
21 Dec Miracle in the Desert Dr Clive Chin
14 Dec An Empty Manger Rev Lim Kheng Hai
7 Dec “Seek the Lord” Dr Gilbert Soo-Hoo
30 Nov “Is God Fair?” Rev Robert MacEwen
23 Nov [email protected]: Spirit-formed to Transform Eld Bruce Lockhart
16 Nov Revive Us Again Rev Daniel Chua
9 Nov Longing to be in God’s Presence Rev Daniel Chua
2 Nov Growing in Christian Discipleship Rev Lim Kheng Hai
26 Oct Knowing the Reforming God Rev Samuel Goh
19 Oct Jubilee Year: Going Forth with Joy Rev David Wong
12 Oct Jubilee Year: Going back to Basics Rev David Wong
5 Oct Faith of an Aging Saint Rev Daniel Chua
28 Sept Our Only Safety-Faith in Almighty God Rev Daniel Chua
21 Sept The Heart of Worship Rev Lim Kheng Hai
14 Sept Lord, teach us to pray and make Mt Carmel a house of prayer Eld Ho Peng Kee
07 Sept Resolving Conflicts Mr Peter Chao
31 Aug Much Grace, No Needs Mr Peter Chao
24 Aug A Rewarding Investment Mr Peter Chao
17 Aug Yearning for God (in midst of depression) Rev Daniel Chua
10 Aug Under the Heavy Hand of God Rev Daniel Chua
3 Aug Anger for a Moment, Favor for a Lifetime! Rev Daniel Chua
27 Jul The Effects of God’s Blessing on His People Rev Peter Teo
20 Jul A Blessing From Inside-Out Ps Thanit Lokeskrawe
13 Jul Bringing the Next Generation on Board Rev Jabez Chia
6 Jul Whole Life Evangelism Rev Toh See Kiat
29 Jun The True Worshipper: “Whom Shall I Fear?” Rev Daniel Chua
22 Jun Living Wisely During Our Short Time on Earth Rev Peter Teo
15 Jun Unless the Lord Builds the house… Rev Lim Kheng Hai
08 Jun What is passionate worship? Rev Oh Boon Leong
01 Jun When Faith & Reality Contends Rev Oh Boon Leong
25 May Mount Carmel: A Pause in Time Rev David Wong
18 May Have Mercy on Me, O God Rev Daniel Chua
11 May Loving Our Neighbour Rev Tan Soo Inn
4 May The Good Shepherd Rev Peter Teo
27 Apr How Does God Speak to Us? Rev Oh Boon Leong
20 Apr How Did You Come to Easter? Rev Oh Boon Leong
17 Apr Maundy Thursday Message: Thinking About Grace Eld Bruce Lockhart
13 Apr My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me? Rev Daniel Chua
6 Apr [email protected]: The Pastoral Reflection Rev Daniel Chua
30 Mar Homosexuality: A Christian Response Rev Tan Soo Inn
23 Mar Sex, Marriage and Singlehood Rev Tan Soo Inn
16 Mar My Body will not Decay Rev Peter Teo
09 Mar Who May Dwell in Your Sanctuary Rev Oh Boon Leong
02 Mar Ask of Me, My Son Rev Daniel Chua
23 Feb [email protected]: Sprit-Formed to Transform Rev Oh Boon Leong
16 Feb An Evening Prayer in Crisis Rev Lim Kheng Hai
09 Feb Morning Prayer After a Dark Night Rev Daniel Chua
02 Feb The Covenant Supper Rev Robert MacEwen
26 Jan [email protected]: ‘A Community of Disciples Rev Peter Teo
19 Jan O LORD, our Lord, How Majestic is Your Name! Rev Daniel Chua
Jan 12 The Rewarded Life Rev Daniel Chua
Jan 5 Sharing Ultimate Truth to Ordinary People Alex McLellan

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