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2 Oct What Should We Pray For Rev Oh Boon Leong
25 Sept Staying In Shape In Trying Times Rev Jabez Chia
18 Sept What To Do When Faith Is Under Fire Rev Oh Boon Leong
11 Sept Preparing For Christ’s Second Coming Eld Lai Pak Wah
4 Sept The Hard Truth About God Judgement Rev Oh Boon Leong
28 Aug Relationships In The Church Rev Oh Boon Leong
21 Aug The Gospel For The Next Generation Eld Trevor Fong
14 Aug The Great Dot.Commission Ps Edric Sng
7 Aug When The Day Of The Lord Come Rev Oh Boon Leong
31 July Our Certain Hope: Resurrection Return And Reunion Rev David Wong
24 July Living To Please God Rev Ng Liang Wei
17 July Sharing Strength And Love Eld Bruce Lockhart
10 July Raising The Next Generation Janelle Ong
3 July Real Faith Endure Rev Jabez Chia
26 June Right Response To The Gospel Rev Peter Teo
19 June Dear God Why Do Bad People Win? Mr Quek Tze Ming
12 June The Three Pillars Of Christian Life And Ministry Eld Lai Pak Wah
5 June Evidence Of True Faith Eld Bruce Lockhart
29 May God Grows Small Things Rev Oh Boon Leong
22 May Improving Your Standard Of Living Rev Ng Liang Wei
15 May Embracing Grief And Loss Rev Peter Teo
8 May Recovering a Rhythm of Work Rest Sabbath Rev Oh Boon Leong
1 May Ministry In Our Daily Labour Dn Timothy Liu
24 Apr The Powerhouse Is In Control Rev Jabez Chia
17 Apr The End Is The Beginning Rev Oh Boon Leong
10 Apr Hosannas Miracles And Hardened Hearts Eld Bruce Lockhart
3 Apr Going Back To Go Forward Rev Oh Boon Leong
27 Mar From Self Awareness To God Awareness Rev Ng Liang Wei
20 Mar Healing Balm For Emotional Wounds Rev Jabez Chia
13 Mar Disciples: Be One Make One Rev Oh Boon Leong
6 Mar Being Our Best Version For God: Salt And Light Of The World Eld Lai Pak Wah
27 Feb Equipped To Serve Christ’s Church Dn Ben Koh
20 Feb Encouragers In The Family Of God Rev Oh Boon Leong
13 Feb Disciples Wise And Faithful Stewards Of God’s Gift Rev Ng Liang Wei
6 Feb Obeying Jesus: Discipleship Obedience Rev Lim Kheng Hai
30 Jan Abide In Jesus: Key To Fruitfulness Rev Oh Boon Leong
23 Jan The Cost Of Discipleship Darren Sim
16 Jan Follow Jesus: Aligning Sight And Steps Rev Jabez Chia
9 Jan Come And See Jesus Rev Ng Liang Wei
2 Jan Discipleship In A Crisis Rev Oh Boon Leong
26 Dec Wisdom For Living During Times Of Uncertainty Rev Peter Teo
19 Dec Zechariahs Song Benedictus Rev Alby Yip
12 Dec In The Fullness Of Time Rev Lim Kheng Hai
5 Dec Act Justly Love Mercy And Walk Humbly In Dn Lai Pak Wah
28 Nov Why Serve The Lord? Rev Oh Boon Leong
21 Nov The Trust Exercise Rev Jabez Chia
14 Nov The Refiners Fire And The Launderers Soap Rev Oh Boon Leong
7 Nov The Story Of A Righteous Sinner Dn Ben Koh
31 Oct The Story Of A Righteous Sinner Rev Wong Shin Hoe
24 Oct Authentic Ministry Rev Oh Boon Leong
17 Oct Are You Bored? Rev Oh Boon Leong
10 Oct A Call to Respond to Gods Love Rev Ng Liang Wei
3 Oct Paul Renewed And Renewing Rev Dr David Wong
26 Sept Spirit Of Pentecost Rev Oh Boon Leong
19 Sept Transforming Deeply, Relating Differently Rev Jabez Chia
12 Sept Spiritual Renewal Under Josiah Rev Ng Liang Wei
5 Sept Return to the Lord Rev Oh Boon Leong
29 Aug Spiritual Renewal Under Jehoshaphat Rev Daniel Chua
22 Aug Every Tongue Tribe And Touchscreen Mr Simon Seow
15 Aug Knowing You Dr Ian Mcloughlin
8 Aug Be Fully Committed To The Lord Rev Oh Boon Leong
1 Aug Burning Brightly Till The End Rev Ng Liang Wei
25 July Shall I Ever Get There? Rev Jabez Chia
18 July Marks Of A Servant Of Christ Rev Peter Teo
11 July Youth Ministry in the Family Rev Luwin Wong
4 July Marks of a Spiritual Person Rev Daniel Chua
27 June Waging Spiritual Warfare Rev Ng Liang Wei
20 June The Making Of An Authentic Disciple Rev Lim Kheng Hai
13 June The Christian and Giving Rev Daniel Chua
6 June Perspectives On Repentance Eld Bruce Lockhart
30 May Remembering Your First Love Rev Oh Boon Leong
23 May Casual or Real Christianity? Rev Oh Boon Leong
16 May Let’s Go Home Rev Ng Liang Wei
9 May Living in the Light of Eternity Rev Jabez Chia
2 May You Have the Password to Heaven Rev Yap Beng Shin
25 Apr Living Victoriously Rev Oh Boon Leong
18 Apr Feeling The Sting of Misunderstanding Rev Oh Boon Leong
11 Apr Finding Comfort in Your Troubles Rev Peter Teo
04 Apr He is Risen! He is not here. Rev Daniel Chua
28 Mar Divine Interruption Rev Oh Boon Leong
21 Mar Crucifying Truth, Crucifying God Dr Lai Pak Wah
14 Mar Failures Are Not Final Rev Oh Boon Leong
7 Mar The Dark Gethsemane Rev Daniel Chua
28 Feb The Last Supper Rev Ng Liang Wei
21 Feb What A Waste Rev Oh Boon Leong
14 Feb Reminders as we celebrate Chinese New Year Rev Daniel Chua
7 Feb A Quieted Soul in times of Restlessness Rev Oh Boon Leong
31 Jan Slaying A Giant Rev Ng Liang Wei
24 Jan Joy in times of Sadness Rev Jabez Chia
17 Jan Peace in times of Turbulence Rev Peter Teo
10 Jan Help in Times of Uncertainty Rev Ng Liang Wei

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