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21 Nov The Trust Exercise Rev Jabez Chia
14 Nov The Refiners Fire And The Launderers Soap Rev Oh Boon Leong
7 Nov The Story Of A Righteous Sinner Dn Ben Koh
31 Oct The Story Of A Righteous Sinner Rev Wong Shin Hoe
24 Oct Authentic Ministry Rev Oh Boon Leong
17 Oct Are You Bored? Rev Oh Boon Leong
10 Oct A Call to Respond to Gods Love Rev Ng Liang Wei
3 Oct Paul Renewed And Renewing Rev Dr David Wong
26 Sept Spirit Of Pentecost Rev Oh Boon Leong
19 Sept Transforming Deeply, Relating Differently Rev Jabez Chia
12 Sept Spiritual Renewal Under Josiah Rev Ng Liang Wei
5 Sept Return to the Lord Rev Oh Boon Leong
29 Aug Spiritual Renewal Under Jehoshaphat Rev Daniel Chua
22 Aug Every Tongue Tribe And Touchscreen Mr Simon Seow
15 Aug Knowing You Dr Ian Mcloughlin
8 Aug Be Fully Committed To The Lord Rev Oh Boon Leong
1 Aug Burning Brightly Till The End Rev Ng Liang Wei
25 July Shall I Ever Get There? Rev Jabez Chia
18 July Marks Of A Servant Of Christ Rev Peter Teo
11 July Youth Ministry in the Family Rev Luwin Wong
4 July Marks of a Spiritual Person Rev Daniel Chua
27 June Waging Spiritual Warfare Rev Ng Liang Wei
20 June The Making Of An Authentic Disciple Rev Lim Kheng Hai
13 June The Christian and Giving Rev Daniel Chua
6 June Perspectives On Repentance Eld Bruce Lockhart
30 May Remembering Your First Love Rev Oh Boon Leong
23 May Casual or Real Christianity? Rev Oh Boon Leong
16 May Let’s Go Home Rev Ng Liang Wei
9 May Living in the Light of Eternity Rev Jabez Chia
2 May You Have the Password to Heaven Rev Yap Beng Shin
25 Apr Living Victoriously Rev Oh Boon Leong
18 Apr Feeling The Sting of Misunderstanding Rev Oh Boon Leong
11 Apr Finding Comfort in Your Troubles Rev Peter Teo
04 Apr He is Risen! He is not here. Rev Daniel Chua
28 Mar Divine Interruption Rev Oh Boon Leong
21 Mar Crucifying Truth, Crucifying God Dr Lai Pak Wah
14 Mar Failures Are Not Final Rev Oh Boon Leong
7 Mar The Dark Gethsemane Rev Daniel Chua
28 Feb The Last Supper Rev Ng Liang Wei
21 Feb What A Waste Rev Oh Boon Leong
14 Feb Reminders as we celebrate Chinese New Year Rev Daniel Chua
7 Feb A Quieted Soul in times of Restlessness Rev Oh Boon Leong
31 Jan Slaying A Giant Rev Ng Liang Wei
24 Jan Joy in times of Sadness Rev Jabez Chia
17 Jan Peace in times of Turbulence Rev Peter Teo
10 Jan Help in Times of Uncertainty Rev Ng Liang Wei
27 Dec A Better Tomorrow Rev Jabez Chia
27 Dec A Better Tomorrow Rev Jabez Chia
20 Dec The Unstoppable Missions in the Midst of the Greatest Threat Rev Peter Teo
13 Dec Jesus And Isaac: One And Only Son Rev Timothy Phua
6 Dec End of the World: A Call to Stay Awake Rev Daniel Chua
29 Nov End of the World: A Call to Endure Rev Lim Kheng Hai
22 Nov A Widow’s Mite Rev Oh Boon Leong
15 Nov Right Answer or Right Action? Rev Oh Boon Leong
8 Nov Trap Questions Rev Daniel Chua
1 Nov God’s Incredible Patience Rev Oh Boon Leong
25 Oct Reforming For Christ Rev Toh See Kiat
18 Oct Raising Children Counter-Culturally Rev Dr David Wong
11 Oct Cursing And Cleansing Rev Oh Boon Leong
4 Oct Jesus The King Rev Daniel Chua
4 Oct Jesus The King Rev Daniel Chua
27 Sept The Blind Man Who Sees Rev Oh Boon Leong
20 Sept The Way of Jesus: Ambition & Submission Rev Ng Liang Wei
13 Sept What Must I Do to Inherit Eternal Life Rev Oh Boon Leong
6 Sept Receiving Children, Being Child-like Rev Oh Boon Leong
30 Aug Is It Lawful to Divorce? Rev Daniel Chua
23 Aug Dream Big For Christ Dr Low Lee Yong
16 Aug Transcendence In a Technological World Rev Lawrence Ko
9 Aug Will The Lord Reject Forever? Mr Quek Tze Ming
2 Aug Mark of a Disciple: A Childlike Humility Rev Daniel Chua
26 July All Things Are Possible Rev Lim Kheng Hai
19 July A Glimpse of Jesus’ Glory Rev Daniel Chua
12 July Bridging the Generational Gap Asst Ps Gabriel Chia
05 July Jesus:”Who Do You Say That I Am?” Dn (Dr) Lai Pak Wah
28 Jun Spiritual Blindness And Healing Rev Ng Liang Wei
21 Jun Jesus Ministers to Outcasts/Outsiders Eld Bruce Lockhart
14 Jun Moving The Unseen Heart Rev Jabez Chia
7 Jun Two Storms Rev Daniel Chua
31 May On Mission Rev Dr David Wong
24 May Feeding The Multitude Eld Bruce Lockhart
17 May Following Jesus: The Example of Herod & John The Baptist Dn (Dr) Lai Pak Wah
10 May How To Respond When The Gospel Is Rejected Rev Ng Liang Wei
3 May Lord Over Disease And Death Rev Dr David Wong
26 Apr Lord Over Demon Rev Dr David Wong
19 Apr Jesus: The Lord Over The Storm Dr Desmond Soh
12 Apr 3 Things Not To Lose This Easter  Rev Oh Boon Leong
9 Apr Servanthood: The Heart of Christ’s Love (Maundy Thursday Sermon) Dr Lai Pak Wah
5 Apr Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives Rev Dr Leonard Wee
29 Mar God’s Kingdom: More Than Meets the Eye Rev Jabez Chia
22 Mar LISTEN! Rev Oh Boon Leong
15 Mar Obstacles & Challenges Disciples Face Mark Rev Peter Teo
8 Mar The Inner Ring of Jesus Rev Oh Boon Leong
1 Mar Jesus Challenges Our Religion Ps Gabriel Chia
23 Feb The need For A Doctor Rev Oh Boon Leong
16 Feb Forgiveness & Healing of the Paralytic Rev Daniel Chua
9 Feb The Cleansing of a Leper Rev Peter Teo
2 Feb An Unlikely Role Model of Discipleship Rev Oh Boon Leong
26 Jan Chinese New Year and The Passover Rev Lim Kheng Hai
19 Jan The Authority of Jesus Rev Daniel Chua
12 Jan Leaving the Nets, Following Jesus Rev Oh Boon Leong
5 Jan Torn Open Rev Oh Boon Leong

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