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Spiritual Revival @ Water Gate – Nehemiah 8

1. What is occasion for assembling the people on the first day of the seventh month? See Lev 23:23-43 and note that the Feast of Booths was intended to help the Israelites to remember God’s faithfulness. See also Num 29:1-6.

2. You have spent years building your life, family and career – providing for your family’s needs, finding and furnishing a good home, educating or training yourself for a productive career. Life was like that in Nehemiah 8 – the trees were planted, homes were built, the walls of security established. Yet the people felt that spiritual vitality was missing. Do you, like the Jews, feel like something is still missing?

3. In Nehemiah 8, we see the Word of God being read and taught. What happens when people truly understand His Word (8:9-11)? Why do they respond in this way?

4. How has the reading of God’s Word spurred you on in your spiritual renewal? Give examples.

5. “To know the Bible and not to obey it is not to know the Bible at all.” Do you agree?

6. In this passage, we see the proclamation of the Word had caused the people to mourn over their sin. What is repentance? What role does mourning play in genuine repentance? Is it possible to repent over sin that does not grieve us? Why or why not?

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