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The Gracious Hand of My God was Upon Me – Nehemiah 2.1-20

Nehemiah – the shortest guy in the Bible?
In terms of spiritual stature, he is ‘super-tall’ and is among the most influential leaders in the Bible!

Timeline: From Nov-Dec 445 BC (see 1.1)… to Mar-Apr 444 BC (see 2.1) when he is about to speak to King Artaxerxes.

I. His Request to the Persian King, 2.1-8

a. He spent four months praying about the matter before he even spoke to the king… why?
b. He waited for right moment to speak to king, but was very much afraid when it came… why?
c. The words which were unspoken by Nehemiah were more crucial than the words spoken by king… why?
d. The king reversed his earlier decision (see Ezra 4.23) to allow Nehemiah to return and rebuild the walls in Jerusalem… why?
e. Nehemiah added two more petitions… why?
f. ‘The gracious hand of my God was upon me’… what does this tell us about the man?

II. His Return to Jerusalem to Rebuild the Walls, 2.9-20

a. The enemies of God were not pleased… why?
b. Nehemiah’s secretive, night-tours… why?
c. His rallying cry to the people… what four things did Nehemiah say to them?
d. The response of the people: ‘Let us start rebuilding!’

1. Take some time to read the sermon script again and then answer the questions in the outline above (they are given to ensure that you understand the gist of the sermon)

2. Are there ‘broken walls’ in Carmel that we must rebuild so as not to end in ruins?

3. How is my prayer life of late? What can I learn from Nehemiah about a life of prayer?

4. As you look back at your years as a Christian, recall a time when you can testify that ‘the hand of the Lord was upon me’? How has it helped you in your faith? Share so that the rest can be encouraged.

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