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Year-Long Celebration for Mt Carmel’s 50th Anniversary

Mt Carmel Bible Presbyterian Church is 50 years old in 2017. All Glory be to God for starting this Church in 1967. We had a humble beginning in a HDB apartment. With Christ as the Founder and Leader of His Church, He has guided Mt Carmel to what we are today. For 5 decades, the Holy Spirit has been transforming lives, developing disciples and nurturing leaders. We are a Church that is committed to represent Christ as His ambassadors to our community and in other nations. Our wish is that Mt Carmel will continue to grow from strength to strength so that we will fulfil His Mandate for the Church. In this presentation, we wish to highlight some events that will be organized for Carmelites to take part in our 50th Anniversary Celebration.
Annual Congregational Meeting on 1st January 2017
Our LOGO for 50th anniversary
There is no better way to start our 50th Anniversary Celebration than to begin it with God on the first day of 2017 at our Annual Congregational Meeting. At this gathering, we will briefly share the events that will take place as part of celebration for the year. We will introduce our logo for our 50th Anniversary. For the logo, we thank 15 year old Charissa Liu for her design. She explains her design: “The 50th anniversary logo was created with the idea of creating something fresh for our Jubilee year, yet remaining rooted in our history: the past 50 years that were essential in bringing us to where we are now. Our Mt Carmel logo, depicting the HDB flat our church used to be housed with Christ’s cross at the very top of the building, was hence integrated into the digits ‘50’ to represent 50 years of looking unto Jesus as a church. Gold was chosen as a representative of Jubilee Celebration. The circle symbolizes God encapsulating us which gives our Church coherence, unity and harmony.”
Annual Congregational Meeting on 1st January 2017
Introducing our theme song
For the theme song, we thank Leonard Sam for writing the lyrics “In Your House,” Shirley Yeo-Yap for putting in the music and Matthew Siew for writing the music score. This song “In Your House” is meant to capture what Mt Carmel stands for in our past 50 years as well as to emphasis our focus on our theme for [email protected] Our Tagline: “Spirit-Formed to Transform” is also beautifully weaved into the lyrics. To help us identify that “In Your House” is referring to Mt Carmel, there is a line, “Looking Unto Jesus”(another line is a repeat but stated as “Looking Unto Him”) which is found in our distinctive logo. There is some value in putting this way because this song can be used universally in any church by any group in the world! As we sing this catchy tune, may this song challenge us to be true to our calling. Mt Carmel as a Church is placed here on earth in this part of Singapore and South East Asia so that we can magnify the name of our Triune God. May this song inspire us to grow in our faith and be amazed at what God can accomplish through Mt Carmel.
Birthday Gift for members

  • Birthday Cards
  • Thumbdrive containing Mt Carmel’s Past Musicals

    • Elijah
    • Give Me This Mountain
    • Barnabas
    • John Sung
    • Augustine
    • Love Above All
    • Recollection (Missions Songs)
    • Out of Every Tribe and Nation (Instrumental)
Growing spiritually through listening to Christian songs
There is a saying that membership has its privileges. Every year, our pastoral and admin staff sign birthday cards and wish Carmelites who are members of the Church, “Happy Birthday.” In addition to the birthday cards, each member will also receive a birthday gift in the form of 8 GB thumbdrive with the engraving of the 50th Anniversary Logo. Inside the thumbdrive are collections of our past musicals (Elijah, Give Me This Mountain, Barnabas, John Sung, Augustine and Love Above All) plus some songs composed for our Missions Festival under the album Recollection and an instrumental music, Out of Every Tribe and Nation. While members will receive birthday cards by mail, they have to collect their birthday gifts at the Fellowship Hall at the end of each month. We trust that through listening to these songs, it will inspire you to grow spiritually and serve our Lord Jesus Christ.
Preaching Series

  • Jubilee Series: A Season of Spiritual Renewal: Sabbath, Redemption, Freedom, Forgiveness, Healing, Justice, Proclamation
  • Reformation Series: Sola Fide, Sola Christus, Sola Gratia, Sola Scriptura and Soli Deo Gloria

Sermons to refresh our spiritual lives
  • Jubilee is not just about joyous celebration but also about spiritual renewal. Starting from next week 8th January 17 and over 7 weeks, we will explore themes of Jubilee that really matter: Sabbath, Redemption, Freedom, Forgiveness, Healing, Justice and Proclamation. It is based on the book by Mel Lawrenz, “Jubilee: A Season of Spiritual Renewal.” It is our prayer that we will enjoy a season of spiritual renewal as we experience afresh God’s favour.
  • While Mt Carmel is celebrating our 50th Anniversary, we should also celebrate our Protestant heritage which is 500 years old in 2017. On 31st October 1517, Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses on the door of a Roman Catholic Church in Wittenberg. This date is usually taken as the start of the Reformation Movement that resulted in the breakaway to form the myriads of Protestant Denominations. To remember our heritage and the issues that caused Reformation, we will have a second series of sermons. This Reformation Series will be held over five Sundays in October on the following topics: Sola Fide, Sola Christus, Sola Gratia, Sola Scriptura and Soli Deo Gloria. May these sermons help us appreciate the Reformers and the lasting legacy they are leaving for us to enjoy.
Anniversary Magazine
Stories of Transformation of Carmelites who look to Jesus
Since 2014, Mt Carmel has been working towards our goal of [email protected] based on the following statement: “A Spirit-formed Community, firmly rooted … in Word and Prayer, then bearing fruit through … Fellowship with Believers, Service in Church, & Outreach to Community, So that together we can … touch lives for Christ!” Our Tagline is “Spirit-Formed to Transform.” In our 50th Anniversary Magazine, we are compiling stories of Carmelites who have experienced the power of our Triune God in the transformation of their lives. They have testimonies to share about how God helped them overcome their challenges to give praises to Him. There will be other interesting information about Mt Carmel too. We hope to distribute the Anniversary Magazine on the day of our Annual General Meeting on 28th May 17.
Annual General Meeting and 50th Anniversary on 28th May 17
A Day to remember what God has done in Mt Carmel for 50 years
On this day, we will have our Annual General Meeting with the usual passing of minutes and any matters that may arise. This is day we will commemorate our 50th Anniversary Celebration. It will be a combined Worship Service. Our Senior Pastor Rev Oh Boon Leong will deliver the sermon to encourage us to continue our commitment to our Triune God and the Church. There will be lunch served after the Worship Service.
Church Camp from 16th to 19th June 2017

Dr Chris Gnanakan
will preach
on the theme

Retreating to renew our zeal for The LORD for the next 50 years!
Our Church Camp will be held from a Friday to Monday at Hotel Renaissance (Johor Bahru) so that campers need to take only two days leave. As the 2016 Church Camp was a hit, we are expecting another record turn-out for 2017. Church Camp is a good time for the family and fellowship. It is a great occasion to get away from our routine and to focus on one aspect of spirituality. To help us connect to God and to nurture our spiritual lives, we have invited Dr Chris Gnanakan to speak on the theme of Jubilee. Registration will begin in March 2017 and we advise you to book early to avoid disappointment. For more information, you may write to Daniel Chan at [email protected] or call the church office at 67795077.
Missions Festival from 19th to 30th July 2017
Gathering to strategize God’s Mandate for world missions
For the first time ever and this may not be repeated again in the near future, Mt Carmel is inviting all our missionaries and missions partners to gather together during our Annual Missions Festival. The purpose is for us here in Singapore to meet our missionaries and missions partners and to listen to their stories of their labour in the Harvest Field. It is also for them to meet one another and learn how we can do better to strategize and fulfil the Great Commission. The Overseas Missions Committee (OMM) have set the criteria for inviting our missionaries and partners: – they must be supported by Mt Carmel or they best represent the country they are working in. Here are the missionaries and missions partners we are inviting: From Cambodia – Ps Khiem/Ps Sokha; Ps Yew On/Chern Chern; China – Paul/Lydia; India – Ps Eman Kumar/Vidya; Ps Ayo Zimik/Aphi; Indonesia – Ps Palmanto/Ibu Anna; Ps Yee Xian/Ibu Salmah; Myanmar – Laval Yau; Nepal – Ps Kiran Das/Isha; Philippines – Ps Hai Yang/Hui Choo; Flor Aristotle; Thailand – Am/Tom; Vietnam – Ps Khai/Ps Andrew. We need Carmelites to host and show hospitality to our co-workers and if you are able to help, please contact Ps Peter at 96332572.
[email protected] 11-13th August

  • At Capitol Theatre
  • “Journey Mercies”
  • One show each on Friday and Saturday
  • Two shows on Sunday

Original Musical to link to the story of Mt Carmel
One of Mt Carmel’s most distinguishing uniqueness is our ability to produce original musicals (see the list under Birthday Gifts). Mt Carmel will be producing another original musical entitled, “Journey Mercies” for our Jubilee Celebration. At this stage, we are not giving away the storyline but you need to attend to find out for yourself! However, we can mention that since we are celebrating our Jubilee Year, there is some link to Mt Carmel’s Story. It will be held at Capitol Theatre (corner of Stamford and North Bridge Road). Altogether there will be four shows (one each on Friday, Saturday and two on Sunday) with each show lasting about 2 hours 15 minutes (including a short intermission). The Organizers are thinking of tiered pricing to accommodate the students but the average price would be around $20-25.
Anniversary Banquet on 27th and 28th October 2017

No Anniversary Celebration is complete without Carmelites gathering to enjoy food and fellowship over a meal. It will be a time when we will recall our past, reflect our present and recharge ourselves for our future.
Time to Recall our past, reflect our prsent and recharge for the future over a fellowship meal
No Anniversary Celebration is complete without Carmelites gathering to enjoy food and fellowship over a meal. It will be a time when we will recall our past, reflect our present and recharge ourselves for our future. In conjunction with our practice of celebrating Reformation Sunday, we are hosting our 50th Anniversary Banquet on the last weekend in October. Furthermore, Carmelites can choose to attend either on Friday night (27th October) or Saturday night (28th October) which will be held at Ban Heng Restaurant (1 Maritime Square, #04-01, Harbour Front Centre) from 6:30 to 9:30 pm. Each ticket costs $20 (subsidy of $10 per pax) or you can book per table at $200. This Celebration is organized mainly for Carmelites, regular worshippers and their immediate family members (spouses and children). However, we will also extend it to special guests and friends who have been associated with Mt Carmel for a long time.
Jubilee Fund for Our Community

Blessing for the needy in our community
The idea of Jubilee comes from God and it is given in great details in Leviticus 25:1-54. God has laid out many rules for its practice and it includes blessing other people as well (especially the underprivileged). When we look at the events organized for our 50th Anniversary Celebration, we notice that many of them are for our own internal uses and purposes. Therefore our leaders have proposed setting up a one-off Jubilee Fund for the purpose of blessing our community (those needy regardless of race, language or religion living in HBD along West Coast Road). We hope to raise $100,000 starting from 1st January 2017 and we hope to reach our target by the time of our Anniversary Sunday 28th May 2017. If you wish to donate, please write a cheque to Mt Carmel BP Church Ltd and at the back, write “For Jubilee Fund 2017.” Dn Kelvin Teo will head the Committee (with members from HLO Committee as well) to look into managing the Jubilee Fund. They will be tasked to distribute the money (most probably in the form of vouchers which they can exchange for things they need at a grocery store) from June 2017.
Watchnight Service on 31 December 2017

To cap off our year-long 50th Anniversary Celebration, we will gather on the last day of the year for thanksgiving and to share what God has done in our midst.

Celebrating with joy unto the Lord
  • To cap off our year-long 50th Anniversary Celebration, we will gather on the last day of the year for thanksgiving and to share what God has done in our midst. We will also look forward to our future with God, Jesus and Holy Spirit leading the way to greater spiritual growth and wider spreading of the Gospel. We can only do all these when Carmelites join hands together to celebrate God’s goodness to us in this Jubilee Year. Let us come together and rejoice, for our God is Almighty and He has done a great thing for us to adore Him.
  • If you have any inquiry about our 50th Anniversary Celebration, please call the Church Office at 67795077 or write to Ps Peter Teo at [email protected] or call him at 96332572.

We welcome everyone for online & in-person worship services! No registration is needed starting 15 March 2022. Everyone’s well-being is important so if you are unwell, pls join us in the livestream worship service online at 9am. Stay safe & be well! Thank you for your cooperation!

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